This is me…

January 30, 2012

Thought I’d add a face to all the questions!
It’s funny though, I started to look for a photo that looked ‘OK’ – I mean, it’s going out there for all to see…

Will I look stupid? Will I turn people off? (Haha!) etc. etc. The curious thing, is that I recently said to my husband (and posted to all of you), that when I look in the mirror, I think I look great – but when I see photos of myself, I think otherwise.

So incredible how we continually beat ourselves up, hey? Do guys do the same? Maybe.

So here I am. I’ve chosen two photos – even one with the eye wrinkles! *wink*

Now that we’ve been properly introduced – I’d love to hear from you all! *big grin*

2 Responses to “This is me…”

  1. lamehousewife said

    Nice to meet you.

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