Spotlight stores…and many others.

November 28, 2012

Collective Shout posted on Facebook the following picture from the Spotlight catalogue:

AAAND it’s 30% off!

This is what I wrote on my Facebook page when I shared this photo:

OK. Simple. Don’t shop at Spotlight.

And let them know this – verbally is best if you don’t want to be identified. Or write an email – but tell them. Tell them that you’re not happy that they are a store targeted at all ages and yet still make the CHOICE to promote Playboy.

What’s next, Playboy baby bottles?

Seems like we’re condoning businesses getting in as early as they can with our children. Into their minds and realities.
Please do this. The good that might come out of it is that they change their ways.
Question #115: Isn’t that worth a shot? What have we got to lose? 
It seems to be a bottomless pit of what is being permitted to permeate our lives nowadays.
There’s no filter anymore. Our parents were our filter. Now it’s like fighting a losing battle – I have no choice in what my child sees because it’s everywhere. It’s in Spotlight.
Take a stand and be a part of a wave of change. Spotlight has a Facebook Page. Write to them there. Easy. Lemon squeezy.

Even if you’re overseas – drop them a line.

And boys – please keep your Playboys to yourselves.


While you’re at it, Collective Shout have posted a great list to take with you while you shop this Christmas. Find an equivalent shop – which there must be – that DOESN’T sell porn related items and give THEM your hard earned cash. It’s the Cross’em off your Xmas list.

Deep Breath.

Go get ’em.

Go on.


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