January 20, 2013

The sentiments of this blogger about opinion – is spot on. This was the comment I left for her:
FABULOUS! You are a girl after my own heart. It’s true! The world has just gone crazy with “it’s my God given right to…” It’s like speaking to an ocean of brainwashed, sensationalists. (except for the fabulous who follow us – very, very intelligent!)
I completely agree with your assessment of the gun laws in the US. FFS – anything with the word ‘automatic’ in it is bound to do a gazillion times more damage than someone with a knife. FFS! (I’m big on hyperbole, as you can see ;))
Your final paragraph is gold.
My blog is, in its core, about the attainment of balance. It all seem so out of wack in every way at the moment.
I think I may need to reblog this.
PS Don’t throw out those ranty pants – they’re a rare find. More women should be trying on a pair.


Words My Way

fact_or_opinionWith several devastating events happening the world over, and on my front door, in the last month my mind is stuck on one key point. You have every right in the world to an opinion, but it doesn’t make you right.

I will try not to put on my ranty pants for too long, they are very loud obnoxious pants that tend to offend people at times, BUT…

Before Christmas news spread of the horrific shooting in Newtown, USA. I cried, I hugged my baby boy and thought of the babies who were lost to their parents. I read social media. Much of it loving, compassionate, caring and well-advised. Much of it made my blood boil. I’m not quotting here, but if you are on social media, and if you are reading this you most likely are, you probably saw similar. If the teachers had guns the death of so…

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  1. lamehousewife said

    Hi Paula. I didn’t know if you were connected to this blogger. Stellamarr fights against sex trafficking. Just thought I would pass it on. http://secretlifeofamanhattancallgirl.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/617/

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