Best Australian Blogs 2013

March 28, 2013

I have entered the Australian Writers’ Centre, Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition.

As with last year, there’s a People’s Choice round.

I’d love your vote in this category…if you feel I provide worthy commentary on issues concerning our planet’s current lack of balance – socially, economically and environmentally – all knitting themselves together and into a bad knot.

The equal value of women is on top of my list – not to be like men (because that doesn’t even make sense) – but to be an equally respected and important half of every society; just like the nature that surrounds us.

I also want to add that the wonderful and extraordinary women I’ve met during this journey with the blog thus far, has been a blessing. x

Anyhoo…it would be awesome to receive your support.

Just click HERE to vote.

*big smile*

4 Responses to “Best Australian Blogs 2013”

  1. Verina said

    done… I love what you are doing even when we have differing opinions… 🙂

    • questionsforwomen said

      Right back at you, Verina!
      The experience I’ve had writing the blog and the wonderful people I’ve met – like you – has been fantastic.:) x

  2. Roxi said

    Congrats!! you absolutely deserve to be nominated, and win! 🙂

    • questionsforwomen said

      Thank youuu! You are very sweet.
      I think I’m a bit small-fry to win at this point; I don’t have a huge amount of followers and I assume that’s got to play a part in it.
      But I am truly thankful and grateful for the followers I do have – like you!
      Very blessed.

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