The Freedoms You Have Given Punters

May 9, 2013

There is a romanticised view about the prostituted class; generally it’s a huge discussion on the women, whilst the punters – the perpetrators – fade into obscurity.
This harrowing account is the reality.
If there is a shred of decency left in our humanity – we have to do something about this.
My heart is literally aching of the women and girls.
Deep, despondent, breath.

Rebecca Mott

Dedicated to Nia Thomas


Punters feel and know that they have almost complete freedom to send the prostituted class into hell.

This is because far too people make the choice to ignore, say it is not important compare to real violence happening to real women, or shut their minds to how punters constantly treat the prostituted.

One way to make the punters invisible and of little importance, is to re-brand prostitution as sex work.

Call it sex work, and everything that happens to the prostitute must be because she has chosen that lifestyle.

Call it sex work, and you can imagine it some kind of mutual business exchange between two equal adult – one the consumer, the other the willing giver.

Call it sex work – and then on and on and on about how someone has to do it, it might dirty and dangerous – but at least…

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