Portrait of Eight Paying Rapists

July 17, 2013

My thoughts >>
I find it truly terrifying to think there are so, so many men like these.
My heart aches for the women. Aches.
This blog post is a must (albeit disturbing) read.
We must ALL stop this insatiable inferno which is completely soul destroying.
Our humanity is being lost – especially when those with privilege, turn a blind eye.
Prostitution and porn is cancer.

Paula x

Pass the Flaming Sword

People say prostitution is necessary. Some even go as far as saying it’s a necessary evil, but even those people still insist it is necessary.

If men can’t buy access to women’s bodies, these people say, whatever will they do?

Yes, I would like to ask them, what exactly is it you think men will do? Rape women?

What that means is that either men get to rape for money or they will rape for free. Or in other words: “rape is inevitable, let’s outsource the victim role to someone who has no options.”

If you think these men are rapists who by definition don’t care whether the woman or girl they are fucking wants any part of them (which is what you’re saying if you think they will rape unless they can ‘buy sex’), then why do you support their right to throw down a few…

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6 Responses to “Portrait of Eight Paying Rapists”

  1. Harls said

    Let me add some balance. I do not wish to detract from those prostitutes who are genuine victims with no options. I acknowledge these tragic cases but I am not addressing that issue here. I just make the point that many prostitutes are educated, intelligent and love their jobs. And not every client is a potential rapist. In fact the vast majority of clients would never rape a woman even if prostitution didn’t exist. What about the disabled, the ugly, the obese, are they not entitled to some physical loving? What’s wrong with a man who can’t be bothered with a girlfriend and likes the brothel style rendezvous with his “regular” girl that is really, genuinely happy to see him each time as he is one of her “faves” and they genuinely have fun together? I know a few guys like that. The majority of unattached women can get sex whenever they want it, if they want it. The same does not necessarily apply to single men. Hence prostitutes. I reject the claim that a commercial sexual encounter is inherently a bad thing. As I said, not wishing to detract from those in genuinely terrible circumstances (sex trafficking etc.) and that is not the subject of my contribution here, I am simply adding some BALANCE so no flaming please!

    • Daphne said

      Haven’t you read how these men, average men, talk about women? In a world where pornstitution is becoming so normalized, women are seen as consumable sex objects.
      I guess it is more convenient to shift the focus on those prostitutes ‘who genuinely love their job’ and the poor men who do not want to be bothered with a mutual relationship. And no, women can not get sex whenever they want. What about the disabled, ugly, obese women? Maybe a man could use just any woman’s body as a masturbatory device but what about a woman’s pleasure? You think that any woman can just find a man to provide them with oral sex, like men seem to think they are entitled to from women? Is sex only a consumable product for men? Well, this is what the widespread of pornstitution is promoting. And it is destroying sane, harmonious, humane relationships between men and women.

    • questionsforwomen said

      Yes, Harley, there are some women who enjoy their ‘job’ – but there is no way these women BALANCE out the situation we’re talking about.
      This is a balloon of oppression next to a pea of women who pride themselves on being sex workers.
      I speak for the majority who are living a life of misery and violence – where they are just a commodity.
      Plus – there are (too many) women who are deemed too fat, ugly etc.- even too ugly to be raped – they deserve love too, don’t they? However this is not a society which caters to their needs in the same manner.

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