petition I started

July 12, 2014

If you wish to add your voice against the slogans created by Wicked Campers and hopefully create some change, sign the petition below:

Eliminate misogynistic and degrading slogans and imagery

Be an actionist.

Also complain to the Advertising Standards Board if you have witnessed any of their degrading  or dangerous slogans. Photos help a lot.

Thanks for your support, everyone; it’s been overwhelming.

Paula x


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  1. Gaz Crooke said

    Petition signed. I love what you are doing, and what you are fighting for. I educate my boys to love & respect women, & all people for that matter. Women are truly, my favourite to be around, always. My partner works at a women refuge, & i am so proud of the work she does. Thanks for caring, Gaz.

    • THANK YOU, Gaz! How wonderful that your boys have you and your partner to help them navigate through this bombardment of the sex-obsessed.
      That gives me comfort.
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. x

  2. Good for you for calling this out. I am so sick of the perception of women in our country that is deemed to be acceptable. For every hundred good men who read this kind of slogan and wave it off as harmless, there is one unbalanced individual who reads it and validates his view of women. It’s up to ordinary everyday people to shout out loud that this is NOT acceptable.

  3. Dickon said


    Has there been a complaint lodged with the Human Rights Commission or NSW/QLD Fair Trading? I can’t because I’m a bloke for the former and out of the relevant state for latter?



    • Thanks Dickson – I’ll be writing to the HRC soon.

      • statcount said

        Um, it’s the HUMAN Rights Commission, right…? I don’t think gender features when it comes to lodging a complaint with the HRC…

        Meanwhile, Paula, I’ve signed your petition and shared it via FB & Twitter. Discovered that Wicked Campers also has a Twitter account (@WickedCampers). Will be voicing my disgust there next.

  4. Catherine said

    Hi Paula, I fully support what you are doing and have signed your petition. Unfortunately just by running this campaign you are giving this guy free advertising. I have seen the owner interviewed in the past, he absolutely doesn’t care what you think (I think he has daughters too so try and understand that!) and sees this controversy as a great positive for him and his business. Sorry I don’t have the answers, but what is needed is some way to reduce his business, he seems to appeal to a market who are influenced most by price.

    • Hi Catherine,
      No, I don’t at all. The ‘advertising’ is overwhelmingly negative and it’s been the power of social media that has done so.
      There are few people who actually defend those slogans as being able to be allowed to circulate so publicly and if we can’t call them out, then how?
      I think this is finally going to make them change their practices due to so many being horrified.
      Thanks for your support.

      • Kathy said

        We should all get onto their website and state our disgust either through the contact us tab or the feedback tab

  5. Hi, just an idea to get rid of this wicked campers “signage”. the Police have the right to inspect a vehicle at any time they wish for Roadworthiness. the campers are all quite old vehicles and so a roadside inspection would be quite reasonable. Once backpackers realise that they could have trouble with Police if they rent a wicked camper, business will plummet. How about trying get the Police onside and do a bit of social good in their highway patrol work.

    • Michael said

      I think this is an excellent idea. Need to hit their bottom line, the only thing that will alter their behaviour.

    • I think this is a great idea. This bloke should be put out of business. (I dread to think what his daughters are like or how they will turn out with such a horrible father).

      • Stephen price said

        Not fair to make judgement about the blokes daughters tony as they probably have no influence or input in the business

  6. Sheila Beer said

    One of the caravan parks in my town banned them a while ago because off the slogans on them, perhaps if more did that it would get through.

    When people hire vans, they have no idea what will be written on them and some overseas travellers possibly don’t understand what it says, at first, ( I’m sure it gets explained fairly quickly) but what can they do then. I have been sorely tempted to get busy with a can of spray paint on more than one occasion.

    • I’ve heard of that too, Sheila, so yes, we’ll be targeting them too.

      • Liz said

        I really like this idea of approaching businesses in a systematic, prepared way (produce stickers they can put up in their window etc/ brochures) to firstly inform businesses and then support them to refuse clients who are driving a Wicked van. Something like ‘We are a local business who care about our community and will not accept business from travelers supporting Wicked camper vans’.

  7. David Darlington said

    Good on you. Can you find out if they are affiliated with another hire car company so people can start to boycott that one as well. Try to get support from the various Ministers who have women’s issues as part of their portfolio..
    I am sure you will achieve success

  8. MIke said

    Police should be pulling these vans over whenever they sey one, do a defect check.
    Even if they find none, word will soon spread these are cop bait, no one will rent one, not worth the constant hassle

  9. PatrickC said

    How about you put a call out for everyone to ring the phone number on the van and complain about their slogans. If we all do it we can shut down their bookings and if we do it also after hours we can fill up their recorded message server and no one will be able to make after hours bookings either.

  10. Peter said

    Announce that you/we will be filing HRC complaints against the RENTERS of these vehicles. Getting the customers worried will hit them.

  11. Sasha said

    Have you considered sending a review to Trip Advisor?

    • Yes, it’s next on the list.
      Thanks, Sasha.

    • Rob said

      Re Trip Advisor – brilliant idea!

      • daniel flesch said

        Seeing a lot of renters are young overseas backpackers , targeting the social media they use for tips on Australia might be a goer.But having said that i saw a Wicked van in a servo with an offensive sexist mysoginist tag and the two gorgeous young blonde European women seemed unconcerned. I felt like saying something to them but didn’t , knowing they’d be uninterested in the opinion of a 60 year old man. I enjoy a good dirty joke as much as anyone , but the “joke” on that particular van was beneath crass and far from clever.

  12. Muj said

    I have signed your petition, shared it on Facebook and some of my sphere of friends have done likewise. It is quite simply appalling, and I applaud your taking action, lines are continually crossed and it seems that less and less is done to stop this onslaught. The advertising standards should have a 3 strikes policy, as obviously Wicked just comes up with an alternative slogan that is an assault on women. Not quite sure what their target demographic is as I really struggle to comprehend who would be comfortable with their slogans, they are just disgusting. I don’t personally know anybody who would find Wicked’s slogans funny.

  13. Dean said

    As much as this activity galls me, I think the petition should be aimed at the Victorian Minister of Transport. 4 months from an election, it would be easier to legislate against inflammatory slogans and advertising on vehicles than it would be to appeal to the business owner and give attention and therefore a reason for these morons to continue. All it takes is one state to make it illegal, these vans will not be able to cross the border, and they’ll comply pretty quick.

  14. Silvia Ford said

    Spray Cans?

  15. Ron said

    How about speaking to businesses in tourist areas and get them to boycott travellers in these vans. No one will rent them if no one will serve them.

  16. Chill said

    I spent five years living in a popular tourist town seeing these gross slogans everyday!
    shouldn’t be hard to get them off the road,most of them are not road worthy!Queensland transport department love taking them off our roads!! ; )

  17. Laura said

    Well done on this excellent and worthwhile campaign. I’ve seen Wicked Campers on the road and been disgusted. Also, I’ve seen one where the drivers who hired one used gaffa tape to block out offensive language. It’s peurile, juvenile and unacceptable. I agree in pursuing whatever legal avenues there are available. I know most of it is misogynistic but I wonder if any of it is rascist and breaches Victorian state legislation on racial vilification? Go well, many people are behind you.

  18. Rachel Teaupa said

    I think that this story should be taken to A Current Affair, I know Tracy Grimshaw would be disgusted! This also needs to be taken to a department that monitors businesses advertising.
    These slogans aren’t even funny, there are a million jokes that are hilarious that could be painted up there.

  19. Rob said

    Hi Paula,

    Hit them where it really hurts – in the wallet. A well-aimed and focused ‘name and shame’ approach (partly achieved through the petition already) coupled with a ‘boycott Wicked’ campaign should do the trick.

    And, if Wicked are promoted or advertised by local tourist bodies as service providers, alert them too. Truly respectable bodies would not want anything to do with such an organisation.

    Hope this helps.



    PS I guess we now know why this organisation calls itself ‘Wicked’!

  20. Richard said

    I’m also thinking that it might come under the Advertising Standards as well, on

  21. Victoria said

    Hi Paula, I’ve often wondered whether “offensive language” is still a crime – if so, I’d be pretty sure that Wicked have a case to answer. It might be worth contacting the NSW police dept to find out exactly what constitutes offensive language?

  22. Luke Jecks said

    Paula, I signed your petition on Sunday and I am once again amazed at the power of social media… well done on harnessing it!
    These guys think that what they are doing is “clever marketing”! It is far from it.
    Would be great if they saw the light… got rid of their marketing director and starting writing positive statements on their vans.
    If they were clever, that is exactly what they would announce… “we’ve seen the error of our ways and we’re going to change all the statements to positive and empowering statements”
    They could then ask for submissions on Facebook etc

  23. Agrow Carbon said

    Get a spray can and use it …

  24. Fiona said

    Thanks for starting this petition Paula – I saw a horrid slogan on a wicked camper last summer at our beautiful national park The Prom, and should have done the same. I have signed and shared.
    It concerns me that international tourists are booking these vans, based on price, location and availability, with no idea that they carry these awful messages; or potentially these customers have language and cultural differences that mean they don’t even ‘get’ what message they are driving around our country. Can we target these customers of Wicked Campers somehow? Perhaps through reviews on booking sites??
    Fiona, Melbourne

  25. Rob said

    Hello again Paula,

    I’m not sure whether Wicked is a monolithic organisation or a franchised operation. If the latter, it may be individual franchisees who are getting up to these shenanigans.

    But even so, ultimately the main organisation would still be responsible for ensuring that franchisees act properly. There should be a binding code of conduct that the main organisation is prepared to enforce, right down to revocation of the franchise for such blatant misconduct.

    May I suggest you look into Wicked’s administrative structure for this purpose.



  26. I’m so glad that this petition has gathered so much support and press. Yet still they don’t get it. Here’s another suggestion:

    Can we make it difficult for people to use these vans? Is it legal to go around with these slogans in public? Can we alert authorities (police; local councillors) every time we see a van parked, and get them moved along? Can we pressure any caravan parks they turn up in to refuse the right to stay? Can we get counsillors to publish statements saying these vans are not welcome in their towns? Esp in those holiday towns where they’re likely to turn up?

    Make it difficult for the customers to use the product and Wicked Campers will be hit where it hurts – in the hip pocket.

  27. Lou Jovanovski said

    Hi Paula
    as i said in my comments when i signed your petition , companies such as this gain higher ratings on their websites by the Google search engines due to the amount of traffic been generated to their websites, i think we should be writing to Google and others and maybe even getting a petition going against Google for allowing traffic to such sites and businesses and lets get all their email addresses and get everyone to bomb them at once , sounds harsh perhaps but well deserved.

  28. Kimberly said

    I have emailed the wicked vans company:

    Why on earth would you write on one of your vans sexual and pedophilac messages such as “in every little princess there’s a slut who wants to try it just once” do none of your staff have children? My 7 year old daughter read this out and asked me what it meant. Can you help me try to explain to her what it means? How would you explain this to your child? Obviously a pedophilac company.

    I am awaiting their reply.
    I supprt you 200% and good on you for raising this issue! My mother and family are right behind you passing on this message. You should go to A current affair with this story. Would be interesting to see if the company has a response once a TV channel contacts them. Once again good on you for starting a petition like this one. Your daughter shod be proud of her mummy. If only there were more people like you on this earth. Much love xo

  29. Ron Goodrick said

    Hi Paula, good one you for taking a stand. I travel a bit and have seen these mobile billboards for the gutter end of the market. Why would anyone with a shred of decency be seen driving them? Another indication of a society in decline unfortunately. Best wishes for the campaign.

  30. Michelle Milward said

    Hi Paula❕ Yes I too am horrified. I saw one of these vans this very morning…covered in graffiti art penis’s from around the world! WTF?? Mt Gravatt Brisbane Queensland. I was driving it happened so quick so no photo..However I am on the lookout!!!Is this the message we send to our tourists who come to our beautiful country and rent these hideous vans…seriously its not right! The misogynistic messages are abhorrent beyond belief. May I suggest contacting radio stations. Family oriented radio such as 96.5 FM in Brisbane. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Woman Warrior! Much love to you. Peace ✌❤🌹

  31. Jennene said

    I agree with this – why not lobby camp grounds and caravan parks like BIG 4 to do the right thing and ban these campers from using their facilities or to at least say they aren’t welcome. What kind of person that would drive one of these around and feel that it is ok.

  32. gonemango said

    You could also encourage them to get back to their original motivations! The first campers they sent out were witty and clever! this is just dumb promotion!

  33. Monica Yurik said

    I agree with the notion of having a can of spray paint in the car and if given the opportunity, I would spray out the comment and Yes, be prepared to wear the consequences. Imagine the free negative advertising that Wicked Campers would get then!

  34. bigglesOz said

    If you believe in ‘fighting fire with fire’ or ‘one good turn. etc..’, then here’s a strategy or two (evil as they may be)…
    1. It would be a reasonable proposition that WC is spreading/continuing an disinformation campaign against women. Why not return it in-kind & tell the prospective renters that WC vehicles are unreliable safety &/or mechanical record. Maybe via the WC fB or other social network accounts.
    2. Mobilise sympathetic comrades into taking direct-action with spray cans & altering/erasing the debasing slogans. This may morally very justifiable,pretty anonymous & will put most renter right-off. Just need to choose the moment when the occupants aren’t in it.

    WC has declared a war (albeit via bullying tactics), so take it to them & in their faces.

    You have done well to bring it to this point – don’t let up.

  35. Hi Paula – thanks for starting this important campaign. It’s great that it’s getting such good support. One suggestion I have is to get in touch with Australian backpacker websites that list Wicked Campers such as and try to get them to remove this business from their site. Good luck!

  36. I have a 6yo girl and find some (but not all) of the van slogans offensive. I just rang their 1800-246-869 number and politely told them that, and that I would definitely not recommend their services to any international visitors.

    It simply needs to be made very uncool to be seen in one of these vans.

    Maybe some non-violent direct action is justified. For example, smearing dog or human faeces on the windscreen is not violent and causes no harm to the van. It’s probably still some sort of misdemeanour though, so I take no responsibility and anyone doing so would need to be prepared to take responsibility for their actions.

  37. laura said

    Go international !! Send it to Ellen Degeneris, Angelina Jolie…and all the other global advocates for change!

    • David Edmunds said

      Germaine Greer in Britain would support this I am sure and she carries weight and has a very loud voice. Good luck in our campaign.

  38. marty said

    How about writing “appropriate” reviews to discourage particularly overseas visitors (I think a lot of their clientele are backpackers) on sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor. For example at

  39. guyredden said

    Thanks for starting this campaign. It’s unfortunate that ASB complaints amount to nothing but a scolding by a quango – something that I’m sure wicked believe can build their brand.

    “In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once” is remarkable however. I’m just wondering if there is a legal route on that one – demeaning, incitement to something. ‘Just once’ seems to me to be a reference to virginity; ‘little slut’ is not just slut, but a juvenile one; princess is an every day term of endearment for young girls. Unfortunately many people who experienced coerced sexual abuse will recognise this as the angle their abuser used to work on them (if you replace slut with grown up).

    Good luck with the HRC. I think a case can be made about sexism, but also abuse. I will make a preliminary enquiry with fair trading.

  40. Liz said

    Hi how about taking it to Nick Xenaphon

  41. Be a wanker. Use #wickedcamper

  42. Michael Ireland said

    Hi Paula

    Have the link so this can be shared via email as well. I personally do not like Facebook as too many kids end up on it and get into to trouble so we are a Facebook free family.

    Secondly ask everyone to call the company to complain and clog their switchboard until they change their ways. If they hang up redial works well.

  43. Sandra Watson said

    Thank you so much Paula for starting this. I would be happy to help in any way I can. What your daughter saw is absolutely disgusting and the mentality of these people thinking it is okay to say such things has got to be questioned. Surely its illegal, if not it should be. Its a form of abuse as far as Im concerned. The general protection of children in the country is shameful.
    I tried going to the Wicked website to find an email address to give them a piece of my mind and it seems to be disabled. (?) Please let me know what I can do to help. Im in Sydney.
    Kind regards, Sandra

    • Yes they have taken down their Facebook page and disabled their website – it seems we have not been afforded the same ‘freedom of speech’ they so casually abuse on their vans.
      Thanks for your support, Sandra.

  44. craig arnold said

    i’ve just signed your petition, although some of their vans have witty captions or great street art, a few are really offensive. When holidaying in WA last year, my uncle said that the local councils were going to move a motion that any ‘wicked’ van that had offensive slogans would be banned from camping in that council area. At the time i thought that sounded a bit over the top but since then I’ve seen a few that are really quite tasteless. If they find out that certain vans wont be allowed to camp anywhere, they’ll have a hard time renting them.

    cheers craig

  45. David said

    Hello Paula
    I’m prety sure, as this is advertising, it would be consider offensive, just like some billboards, are taken down due to complaints

  46. Who does their sign-writing? Whoever it is should be thoroughly ashamed.

  47. Nigel said

    Hi everyone. A possible suggestion for another course of action is to have holiday parks and camp sites make it known that they will not allow these vans to enter their premises if they have degrading slogans.
    A good argument for this is not only how much the slogans affect other holiday makers, but also the strong possibility that the slogans are a reflection of the idiots that choose to hire and drive them and therefore are probably not the types of people they’d want staying on their grounds anyway.

  48. Alastair Harris said

    Hi Paula, I just sent the following email to

    Good day John

    As a long term resident of backpacker central, otherwise known as Cairns, I have grown used to seeing childish slogans on the back of Wicked Vans and thought these were just another annoyance from living in a tourist area, however I have since been made aware of some of the more choice slogans you appear to believe are amusing.

    References to little princesses as sluts, to harpooning Japanese, and one of the most offensive references to wives (the things you screw on your bed to get the housework done) are not funny but vile racism and misogyny. Do you have any female friends or acquaintances? Are there any women you respect? Did you have a mother? Or sisters? Or, God help her, a daughter? If you answer yes to any of these questions I wonder why you need the offensive nature of your vans’ slogans explained to you.

    As a man who loves and respects women and cherishes the ethnic diversity of the community I live in, I for one will commence my own little guerilla war against your stupid vans from the start of August if I don’t hear media reports of your sincere apology and commitment to remove all racist and sexist slogans from your vans.

    This war may take the form of direct action against your offending vans or it may be as simple as speaking to the drivers of your vans and explaining the error of their ways.

    Hey, John, try being a real man and showing women the respect they deserve. Grow up little boy!

  49. Rob said

    Hi Sandra,

    I’ve just tried the website and found it to be working. It appears to take some time to load.

    The ”contact us” hyperlink, however, leads to an online e-mail facility rather than giving one an e-mail address. In my experience, this is often a perfect way of ensuring that messages are ‘lost’. Still, give it your best shot.



  50. magpiemediaoz said

    Hi Paula, I’ve just sent he following email to

    Good day John

    As a long term resident of backpacker central, otherwise known as Cairns, I have grown used to seeing childish slogans on the back of Wicked Vans and thought these were just another annoyance from living in a tourist area, however I have since been made aware of some of the more choice slogans you appear to believe are amusing.

    References to little princesses as sluts, to harpooning Japanese, and one of the most offensive references to wives (the things you screw on your bed to get the housework done) are not funny but vile racism and misogyny. Do you have any female friends or acquaintances? Are there any women you respect? Did you have a mother? Or sisters? Or, God help her, a daughter? If you answer yes to any of these questions I wonder why you need the offensive nature of your vans’ slogans explained to you.

    As a man who loves and respects women and cherishes the ethnic diversity of the community I live in, I for one will commence my own little guerilla war against your stupid vans from the start of August if I don’t hear media reports of your sincere apology and commitment to remove all racist and sexist slogans from your vans.

    This war may take the form of direct action against your offending vans or it may be as simple as speaking to the drivers of your vans and explaining the error of their ways.

    Hey, John, try being a real man and showing women the respect they deserve. Grow up little boy!

  51. Mark Roberts said

    Hi Paula,
    I came across a Wicked Camper in the Auckland region and I was disgusted with their slogan. Thank you for starting this petition. Maybe we can ring their 800 number and give them a huge phone bill so they get the message that degrading women is unacceptable. Their number in New Zealand is 0800-246 870.
    Best regards,
    Mark Roberts

  52. Richard said

    I’ve lodged a complaint with ACMA. As a father of young girls and boys, and a businessman, this is an outrage and needs to be stopped.

  53. Stefan said

    Hi, thank you for starting this petition, it is long overdue that this company be held to account for their misogenistic marketing/branding on vans. May I suggest that the target market of this business, travellers/ back packers, be made aware of how offensive and indeed dangerous these vehicles actually are, as their patronage or lack of it may “drive” the message home to Wicked. This countrie’s culture of disrespect towards women is seen as part of the Australian “experience”, let’s correct that misconception one petition at a time.
    Best regards,

  54. Barbara said

    Paula well done for calling this out. The Advertising Standards Commission might also be worth contacting as well if you haven’t thought of it already.

  55. Andre said

    Hi Paula – after signing your petition it occurred to me that one the of best ways to draw attention to this is to add pictures and review on travel review sites. Travellers rely on these more and more, and posting the images of the offensive vans will speak for itself. I’ve put a review on Yelp, but other can do the same on TripAdvisor and other such sites

  56. Alan said

    Hi Paula,
    Your doing all of us a great service. On the petition of which I readily signed, it also asks if we had any ideas which may be effective in getting rid of this offensive trash. I’m sure if the tens of thousands who also support the petetion also ring the company and after getting all the long and detailed information on their rates and conditions firmly tell them of their disgust and objections the company would notice in many ways. A phone number I gleaned from the camper van on the post was 1800246869, I’m sure there are many more contact numbers, so let’s give them all ago! That number again… 1800246869

  57. Getting their entry banned by music festivals could REALLY hurt.

    • guyredden said

      Presumably Wicked vans are often illegally parked on streets when their occupants want to avoid paying campground fees. Now it might feel a bit like reporting somebody for breaking a petty law, but it is a law, and if you and your family also have to walk past an offensive slogan I’d have little problem reporting someone who has chosen to rent that van.

  58. Fiona Duigan-McKay said

    Let’s boycott wicked campers or better still take over the business and run it with uplifting mottoes.


  59. Sarah said

    Hi Paula,

    Good on you for taking a stand. I heard about your petition via twitter.

    However I think you need more T.V coverage have you tried A Current Affair? I think John Webb needs to be chased down by a couple of outraged journalists don’t you.

    I would love to see the look on his face. Wouldn’t you? I think he’s hoping this will all blow over – but don’t let it. Get more television coverage and I think that’ll get him to make a change. Especially when confronted with 150,000 signed petitions.

    I can’t wait to see the final result. Good luck!

    Sarah 🙂

  60. Paul said

    Park a semi-trailer outside of each of their premises with slogans on the sides of their capopys that state how terrible this company’s ethics and morality is.

    Positive slogans could also be adopted on the semis.

  61. Melissa said

    I have another one. The photo isn’t the greatest but I seen it on Saturday night with my four children aged Girl 15 girl 13 boy 9 and baby 8 months old.
    Let me know if you would like me to send it to you thanks.

  62. Kathy said

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention & for your standing up against this “Wicked” manifestation. So often we feel powerless to stop this type of bullying & promotion of evil against other human beings. (as someone wrote on the petition “when a rapist sees this type of slogan, they understand that they are ‘supported’ by society”. & this is not the behaviour our society supports). Evil is evil & needs to be dealt with appropriately.
    The biggest collective voice we have, is like you said. complain to the Advertising Standards Board EVERY time you have witnessed any of their degrading or dangerous slogans. It wouldn’t hurt to complain to our local MP’s too, letting them know we are not happy about this bullying & promotion of evil.

  63. Elizabeth said

    Wicked Campers should be shut down until whoever approved this kind of rubbish can be retrained. For those of us who think, it’s just a harmless laugh, think about school kids reading this crap. I don’t want my son or any of his peers exposed to it. For anyone who thinks it doesn’t influence society, look at what happened to Jill Meagher (and countless others). There are those in society who only need a little push to fall over the edge. Let’s put some boundaries up and show some respect for each other. Thank you Paula for the work you’ve done raising awareness of this rubbish that we should not tolerate.

    • Elizabeth said

      I’ve put the petition on my Facebook page and tagged them in a complaint on Twitter, drawing in the European and American Wicked Campers since the Aussie one doesn’t seem to want to talk to any of us. I guess awareness is one of the best ways we can help, but if there’s anything more that we can do to help, please let us know.

  64. Sue Jackson said

    Hi Paula
    I have signed and lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Board. As well as arguing that the ad is offensive, I stated that it is misleading to broaden the scope of the complaint. How could one prove that every ‘princess’ is in fact a ‘slut’.

    Boycotts must be the next step.
    1) I am willing to write to Lonely Planet for example and ask them to consider taking some action to deter backpackers from using this company when visiting Australia.
    2) I would also be be prepared to help with a campaign that notified backpacker lodges of the widespread community outrage over this company’s actions.
    3) And, one of the bloggers above referred to WA local council outrage. How about a letter to the Local Government Association of Australia calling on them to request all local govt camping sites be closed to Wicked Campers. There are other chains of camp grounds too – Big 4. They could be targeted.

    I am furious over this issue. Over the past 25 years this kind of advertising has got a lot worse. We have to put an end to it.

    All the best
    Sue Jackson

  65. Jacqueline said

    Hi Paula,
    I applaud what you are doing to bring these cloth brains at Wicked to the attention of the public. Thank you. Their deeds are appalling, atrocious and totally unacceptable.
    Being one of those 1 in 3 Australian women you mentioned, I shudder with disgust at their words.
    What I can’t understand is why something hasn’t been done to eradicate these morons before this.
    What goes around eventually comes around. So, hopefully now, they will suffer the consequences of their actions. The sooner, the better,
    Thank you

  66. Fergus Campbell said

    Hi Paula,
    Other action which I think is worth taking is to message all their employees on LinkedIn, I’ve sent one to the person listed as the MD, though no reply. Also, posted on the Trip Advisor forum and forwarded your photo to Tourism Australia, NSW and QLD.
    May also be worth handing out flyers at Bondi Beach where there campers are often seen.

  67. tracey said

    Take the petion of wicked campers to the TODAY show on 9 or to SUNRISE on 7. The degrading slogans need to stop women are to be cherished not abused.

  68. Margaret Harriss said

    A good, old fashioned boycott.

  69. Chill said

    Evil & morally wrong!!
    No misleading advertising!

  70. Mark Roberts said

    Hi Paula,
    I left a google review on the “wicked campers auckland” search
    There were two other negative reviews and my one is calling for a boycott of Wicked Campers.
    I hope that helps.
    Best regards,
    Mark Roberts

  71. Hi Paula, Thanks for giving a damn. Many years ago I stopped taking my 10 yr old daughter to a drama class as she was required to call another child a slut in play rehearsals! Regarding Wicked: I think he/they are in breach of both the decency laws and the
    W H &S Laws, the public are Stakeholders. You could let Worksafe know, send an email with pictures and a complaint as well as lodge a formal complaint at the police station closest to his business about the indecent slogan that your daughter saw. It would be interesting to know whose great marketing idea this was!
    Good for you for standing up
    Regards Merle

  72. Jeff said

    I have signed the petition and put a comment on Trip Advisor. These disgusting people should not be in business. Phone them on 1800 2468 69 and tell them what you think of them. Everyone should keep ringing and not let up. Don’t let them get away with this revolting behaviour.

  73. Sue Jackson said

    I have just written to Nick Xenaphon, Adam Bandt, Family First and the Victorian Transport Minister appealing for their help.

  74. Kelly said

    Leave negative feedback on the facebook review site.

  75. The Wicked advertising contravenes 2.2 of the AANA code of ethics:
    2.2 Advertising or marketing communications should not
    employ sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative
    and degrading of any individual or group of people.
    We should be complaining to the Advertising Standards Bureau as well as signing the petition:
    If AANA won’t do its job, we need to push the case for something stronger than a voluntary self-regulation by the industry.

    • The complaints have been lodged and the ASB has upheld many over the years – the problem is that they have no authority to *make* WC remove them.
      That’s the problem – there are no ‘laws’ or fines to enforce their removal.
      But it’s being worked on.
      Thans Sandie

  76. Steven said

    Can I suggest that you take the word “slut” off as a lot of emails being sent are probably never reaching their intended recipients as they are being blocked by spam filters. Substitute it with “sl#t” or similar. Cheers

  77. peachy said

    just a thought – many of these campers also have blatant rip off pictures of characters – Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson etc… These are not licenced images and the creators of these original characters may be interested to learn how they are being used (Misused).

  78. Carolyn Rutherford said

    Dear Paula, I have found the most effective avenue is to contact the relevant politicians. Not sure which ones, Senator Michaelia Cash is Minister assisting the Prime Minister for Women, so I would start with her and Tony Abbott, also your local State and Federal pollies. Make a media event out of it, take copies of your petition, let the politicians, media and supporters know the time and date in advance, and invite supporters to accompany you. Good luck, and congratulations on your achievements so far.
    Carolyn Rutherford

  79. Jacqueline said

    With reference to my last message that is awaiting moderation.
    Maybe it is because I said cloth heads.
    What I meant by that is, they have no brains. What I should have said is ‘cloth brains’.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jacqueline, I haven’t even arrived to your first comment yet! I’m wading through over 100 comments just this afternoon while I was teaching and then had the usual dinner routine. It works backwards – latest comments first.
      Thanks for clarifying, though. I’m sure the comment is fine – I can fix it for you, if you like.

  80. Mark Roberts said

    Hi Paula,
    I’ve also left a google review on the “wicked campers christchurch” search, “wicked campers christchurch nz” search, and the “wicked campers queenstown” search.

    My reviews are calling for a boycott of Wicked Campers.
    I suggest an Australian goes through and writes reviews on all searches for wicked campers in Australia.
    I hope that helps.
    Best regards,
    Mark Roberts

  81. chris willcock said

    Find out the following:

    Insurers of vehicles
    Advertising mediums.
    Servicing breakdown arrangement for vehicles.

    Approach those corporate entities identify how committed they are to being associated with this brand.

    As a side issue drop the misogynistic and hone the relationship of daughter sister mother etc.That will connect and personalise more males than the use of misogynistic which unfortunately has been hijacked by right wing feminists. Which this argument is not related to.

  82. Susan said

    Petition the Government demanding action. Surely there is something in the law?

  83. lisa said

    Thanks for starting this petition. I hope it puts enough pressure on the business to rethink their slogans.
    If individuals want to spout that kind of nonsense, you can talk to them directly or thankfully most cases ignore them. However this is a business, commercial vehicles, on the road, using rot as mobile advertising. That’s not on in my book.
    I think if you had a chance to read this interview I found about the founder, it may need more than a public shaming to get him to chance his business stratagem. And what a sadly troubled individual he is. From a former member of a religious cult. to this..
    Here’s a quote;
    Webb: “If you make people uncomfortable, it creates emotion. And if that happens, it means they won’t [forget you] … Also, if kids are in a car with their parents, and the parents disapprove of something they see on a Wicked camper, the kids will probably laugh. The kids are our future customers.”;jsessionid=31DE3D7D6C7D9A9579B0609C46ABB098?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=323&clsPage=1&docID=SMH1205123A20I7CULRG

    I do believe that gaining support to apply pressure to his hip pocket in the form of lost business may be the only tune he is willing to dance to.
    Some suggestions are;

    Their overseas branches (so far their chile page had posted that they are really unhappy with the slogans are are trying in talks about it……
    Wicked Campers Chile: Hi Kelly, you are in the wrong wicked Facebook page. We don’t have appalling slogans in our vans in Chile, we don’t have anything to do with it. This is a problem in Australia, not in Chile. We understand you, but here things are done different as the culture is very different than in oz. Yesterday at 14:10

    Wicked Campers Chile It’s not about supporting or not, as you said we are part of an international brand… international as in different continents, different countries, different cultures, different clients, different costumer services and different marketing plans. Sure, we share something as a brand, but the work done can never be the same and should not be related. We are sorry about what’s happening over there, we are worried too, but we have happy costumers over here
    12 hours ago

    Councils (pressure to change laws to prohibit vans with these slogans being parked in their area),

    camping sites, (no one will hire them if you can’t stop anywhere)
    Service stations (no fuel for foul slogans)

    tourist accommodation and promotional centres locally and overseas,

    business affiliates,

    banking institution (that process their payments),
    church groups (for the failed attempt attempt by ABS at having them remove reference to burning down churches),


    transport authority (no etags issued to vans perhaps with these slogans or more roadworthies?),

    other transport bodies (supporting removing the dangerous vehicles from the road),

    XhostSolutions (their web host) for breaching acceptable use policy)

    child protection authorities/support groups (‘save water have a bath with your next door neighbours daughter – have copy of that van slogan if you want. Or person had posted on a blog that had one about having lollies and come inside and get them – sadly that woman found it funny!)

    A myriad of places that could make an impact on his bottom dollar
    Hope other readers of this post will also take the initiative to contact at least one of these to garner support for this worthy cause.

  84. abloke999 said

    I have shared and posted on my Facebook page, I can’t think of any other useful suggestions to add to the ones above that have already been suggested. Best of luck in bringing this rotten to the core company/franchise to in knees. Dave

  85. Annemaree said

    Appreciate what you are doing Paula, this company has been offending me for many years with their racist, sexist, homophobic and disturbing slogans, well done…and off course I have signed and shared your petition. Tahnks.

  86. Jeannette said

    Just drove past one of these awful campers in Queenstown,NZ- picture of a smurf blowing the brains out of another smurf. I spent 15 minutes explaining to my 8 year old who was not very happy.

  87. Tonya said

    Thanks for taking this initiative – it’s good to remember that we don’t just have to put up with this type of behaviour. And I agree that it’s especially important to create safe spaces for our daughters,

    I wonder if some of those messages fall within the legal definition of sexual harrassment – if they do, the Australian Human Rights Commission could be another avenue to take this through. Their definition of sexual harrassment is here:

  88. Sharni said

    Thanks for starting this. Have you thought about lodging a complaint with the Human Rights Commission for Sexual Harassment and discrimination? Might be worth looking into. Best of luck with the campaign.

  89. Nicolle robinson said

    Petition signed i also love what your doing paula, im glad you took a stand 🙂 its more than appauling and as a mother im disgusted by it as a female im offended by it. Good on you! Definitely have my support x

  90. Claire Boyd said

    Thank you for your intelligence in handling this terrible subject. I’m so grateful that you have acted and I’d love to help in any way. I’m fed up of despairing in our society and would cherish the chance to make the world better and safer for our kids.
    Claire Boyd

  91. Gunjar Sutherland said

    try emailing:

    Tell him how you feel about his companies ‘foul mouthed’ misoganystic advertising, an avalanche of mail filling his inbox & jamming the companies mail system, might go towards persuading them that this is not the way to go if they want to inhabit the same planet as the rest of us.
    Even if he ‘doesn’t care’ about how we feel 50000 emails will provide a good headache.
    While one is about it 10 free calls per day from each of us to his 1800246869 number telling whoever is on the line how we feel will both tie the line up, make it unpleasant to work there and cost the company a lot of money and after all the ‘Bottom Line’ is all he really cares about.

  92. wendy K said

    Thankyou so much for starting this petition! How disgusting that this company seems to think its ok to advertise like this. They should be fined big bucks just for starters! Perhaps you could get a message through the early morning TV shows like Sunrise?

  93. Lyndell Williamson said

    Hi Paula,

    I’m so glad you have started this. I made a complaint a few years after I became stuck in traffic behind a Wicked Camper. The slogan was so offensive I had to get my children to look down so they couldn’t read it.

    I spoke to someone at Main Roads. Their number is 132380. I was told I would need the registration, make of car and photo. I didn’t have those things, so nothing was done. I think it should be obvious enough to Main Roads that there is an issue with the company and the onus should be on Main Roads to investigate, not an innocent driver to take a photo of an offensive slogan.

    Wendy Francis started a campaign a few years ago to try and pressure the government to make outdoor advertising G-rated. Perhaps you could contact her for more help. Here is a link to help:

    I’m not sure this falls under advertising. Perhaps under the law it is the same class as a bumper sticker? Either way, the bottom line is that these vehicles are being used on tax-payer funded roads. It is ridiculous that the government has child welfare agencies which are there to protect children, yet they allow children to be subjected to such sexually explicit language on their roads.

    Due to the nature of the Wicked Camper business, I think it would be difficult to dissuade potential clients from using them. Is there a way people power can target the business? Could you appeal to any businesses that could boycott users of Wicked Campers?

    One last thought. How about the Minister for Tourism? Is there anything that could be done there?

    All the best. Keep fighting and keep everyone posted. I’m sure there are many of us who will fight against it with you.

    Kind regards,

  94. John M said

    Approach a rival business to wicked campers encouraging them to signwrite positive messages. Their advertising campaign could then be a comparison with wicked campers and asking customers which one would you rent? Hit them at their own game.

  95. L. Williams said

    It is called obscenity and not sure but that used to be an offence. We cannot accept bad behaviour and teach the next generation that we didn’t have the guts to stand up and change it.

  96. Tom said

    To put pressure on Wicked Campers post links with petition on Gumtree sub heading community/rideshare and travel partners (many backpackers listed). Cheers Tom

  97. Jacqueline said

    No Kerri, sorry I can’t. I replied to your message, unsure if it went through OK.

  98. Mickleseered said

    Drop in to your local backpackers with a sign saying that wicked camper renters maybe boycotted. Persuade the potential market to choose another company 🙂

  99. Bruce said

    I for one will not be using this company as I would have done on my up coming trip to Queensland unless they are prepared to take action to remove these stupid degrading displays

  100. Roslyn Hamilton said

    Hi I am not sure where the wicked campers are based. But mayb a stand up picket type protest out side all there premises. May be a start.

  101. Kim said

    Boycott Wicked Vans and DO NOT HIRE THEM……they will get the message. No one wants to do business with anyone with such a pig mentality.

  102. Lisa said

    Hi Paula, I commend your stance against these repugnant slogans getting around our communities. I too am a mother and find it disrespectful and degrading. We live in noosa and often see these vans on their tourist routes.i happily signed your petition and forwarded it onto the Noosa deputy Mayor and selected councillors to see if we can’t get some heavy weights behind this as well.
    Hooray to both you and your daughter for having your voices heard loud and clear…and for creating a platform for others to do the same.


  103. Peter said

    This is an outstanding example of the ridiculous waste of resources, on issues that are incredibly unimportant in society. This society has become so bogged down with people expecting political correctness, that it encroaches on how most normal people live their lives. There are people starving, big corporations, and world leaders are ruining our planet. And you are worried that a sexist joke on the back of a van, is a problem for your children to see. I have met Peter Webb. He probably is a misogynist. Who gives a Fuck? This is the world we live in,and rather than try and stop every idiot in the world from offending you or your children, perhaps you should spend that time educating your kids on why they should just avoid people like that. Are you going to try and stop someone from wearing a t shirt with a sexist slogan, because you’re kid might see it? Wake up to yourself. The real problem is people like you that are easily offended by ridiculous things, then get all righteous about other people who are just dickheads . Stop wasting your time on trying to change people that won’t ever change, and use your energy for something that actually matters in this world.

    • Your clichéd arguments are peppered throughout this forum. What I don’t want to waste my time doing, is spelling it out for you, so you can look for my response yourself in other comments like yours. But they’re not common.
      The overwhelming support this has created from people around the country would suggest that we do, in fact, have a problem that needs addressing.

    • sarah said

      You sound like a very ignorant individual, you only need to talk to a woman who has felt threatened at some point in their lives (which is a huge percentage of us) to understand why these statements are dangerous… They reinforce the belief that some men have that they have the right to treat women as sexual objects. You say that people today are wanting to be too politically correct but in the past this kind of language was restricted to adult only audiences, after hours radio, tv, or within pubs etc, it is now being brought out onto the street where children and their parents cannot escape it!

    • Dereen said

      Peter, while the issue appears to you to be “incredibly unimportant in society”, you must admit that to many people it obviously isn’t unimportant. They are not taking offence easily; instead they are deeply distrurbed by the slogans and the mentality that fosters the slogans.

      And if people are so deeply concerned that they are willing to take a stance, it is their right to do so.

      You have your opinion, that’s fine – but please respect the opinion of others.

      • Marcel Remmers said

        Thank you, Peter. You are demonstrating exactly why this change is very needed.

  104. Have you thought about searching “backpacking in Australia” to find sites where you can leave a message about your campaign? These are the main target market for these vans.

  105. Jane Thomson said

    Hi Paula. Thanks for doing this – so important. I live in the ACT but you may be able to make a complaint of sex discrimination or sexual harassment against Wicked. The Women’s Legal Centre would be able to give you some advice on this:
    Women’s Legal Contact Line:

    (02) 8745 6988

    1800 801 501

  106. Keith said

    The best way would be to get all the state police and vehicle inspectors to pull these vehicles over for a roadworthy check up every time they spot them. Harass the renters and “Wicked” will soon start to lose business.

  107. Bruce said

    If you find these messages offensive you’re probably justified in painting over them, do it!

  108. magswell said

    Perhaps we might email caravan parks and camping grounds. voice our cocerns and explain that we won‘t be staying there while they allow campers exibiting such highly offensive slogans sites. Surely park owners and managers will act. Money talks.

  109. Sophie said

    Good work Paula. I suggest you also put this petition on http://WWW.CARE2.COM – it is supposed to be the worlds biggest petition site. The world needs to know what a disgusting company Wicked Campervans are.
    On holidays in New Zealand I saw these moronic vans and firstly thought the locals were a bunch of bogans who had no respect for society until I realised they were hire vans, then I thought the renters were drugged – out losers.
    What is society coming to when you are allowed to have those filthy messages on vans that are seen by young children. If a shop sold tee-shirts with those slogans they would be withdrawn – what is the difference?

  110. Maybe you could ask the petrol companies not to sell petrol to anyone driving one of these vans. That way, the owners lose business and anyone stupid enough to think these slogans are funny, won’t be able to drive the vans far.

  111. Imogen said

    i know this suggestion is left of centre, but how about asking folks to come up with alternative slogans? Ones that are funny, positive and cheekily ‘aussie’, which is apparently what Wicked is trying to achieve. Show by overwhelming example how much funnier it is to be witty and clever, not sexist, rascist and fatist.

  112. K said

    Spread the word on YHA websites, woofing forums, backpackers that they will be targeted. Tell them they will get their brake lines cut, windscreens smashed, flat tyres, sugar in the gastanks, apple up the tail-pipe biz. International scare campaign.

  113. Samuel jukes said

    I have used wicked campers on several occasions in the past and can safely say they are the most unreliable and useless vehicle rental service I’ve ever used. Mould in the vans, one time they have us a ‘4’ man camper which was identical to the ‘3’ man but with additional tent (half of which was left and possibly designed for a 4 year old) they are also the only company to give you the vehicle on a empty tank urging you a petrol station is just up the road. I do believe that in civilisations like here in the uk and in Australia need not worry about these leading too misoginistic views because in reality sexism doesn’t really exists in this day and age especially in the work place… Of course there will always be a few rotten eggs but I think if you take a step back and look at our ‘societies’ we really have a equal place for both men and women. I do agree with offensive slogans like this to be stopped because it is simply offensive and confusing for a child who can easily come across them. Saying it leads to people beating there wife’s I think that’s a little far fetched and believe alcohol and hard drugs are the major cause of this. You would defiantly have my backing if you started a campaign to abolish sexism and discrimination of woman in Muslim communities who have been degraded and continue to do so in the name of ‘religion’ I believe that they are centuries behind where were at and could do with a voice to effect a change in there rights and well being.

    • Hi Samuel.
      A few things: I never said these slogans lead to any person to do anything – like beating their wives (?) I don’t think there’s any slogan about that. What they DO do is normalise and support perspectives that are dangerous. Calling all girls sluts or wives an attachment you screw on the bed – sexually objectifies females and makes them inferior. This is a dangerous perspective to drive around in a van.
      Secondly, Sexism *does* exist and it doesn’t help to think that it only manifests in one manner – e.g. in Muslim communities. The rape culture amongst our youth is prevalent (I’m a high school teacher) and the sort of attitude that accompanies rape culture are slogans such as ‘Nice legs, when do they open’ or ‘Drink till she’s pretty’- these Wicked Camper slogans all support a culture where the female in question is irrelevant; getting in her pants is the ultimate goal. That’s rape culture and it’s being driven around our roads – educating and normalising.
      I have written and supported the plight of females around the world – but this affected my daughter directly and I’m supporting her (and all girls).
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Sandra Watson said

        Well said Paula.

      • magpiemediaoz said

        Hi Samuel, how does the statistic which reveals at least one woman every week dies from domestic violence here in Australia (no, not Pakistan but here in our own country) stand up to your claim about gender equality here? It is estimated that at least one third of all Australian women and girls are sexual assaulted. We may not be living under the horrors of a Taliban regime here but we got a long way to go.

  114. karen said

    Personally, I think we should have large stickers made to cover the offensive material.

  115. Hi Paula, has you been in direct contact with Wicked? If so what was there response? I so support your cause but am concerned at the free press they are getting from this. I’d like to know if any negotiations have been tried and if they have shot themselves in the foot at all? I am involved in women’s self defence and they need to be held accountable. Just following through for info as would like to see a positive outcome. Cheers Tracey Jones-Smythe

    • Hi Tracey.
      No, I have not tried to make contact because this all went viral only a day after I put up the petition and it was a Sunday.
      On that Sunday I was interviewed by the ABC and they had spoken to John Webb and he said he didn’t care.
      In terms of ‘advertising’ – it’s overwhelmingly negative against them. So very many have expressed their relief at finally having something being done. There may be a few who support them but they are in the minority.
      We’ll be hitting other avenues until they comply. (hope)
      Thank you so much for your comment.

  116. ADS said

    picture on left & right seems strange given the context

  117. ADS said

    100,000 people leave comment on Wicked Contact Us page

  118. Els Lips said

    I left a message on all Wicked Facebook pages, they have to stop this stupid advertising and go back to painted bands on there campers like the early days! We were proud ,12 years ago ,to drive in a camper with David Bowie painted on it!

  119. Jo Roberts said

    Apologies if this suggestion has already been made, but how about asking the operators of al the major camping music festivals that, in support of an end to misogyny and to say they support the safety and respect of women at their events, they ban these eyesores from festival sites? Splendour, Bluesfest, Falls Festival, Confest, FRL, Meredith, Golden Plains, Boogie … if this guy just ignores upheld complaints, the only thing that might make him think twice about changing his van ‘branding’ might be the thought of a potentially substantial loss of income.

    • Hey Jo.
      Noone has suggested music festivals, but we have started going to travel businesses – such as Trip Advisor and camp sites – to disassociate themselves from WC.
      Thank you!

  120. I do not subscribe to Facebook or to Twitter so I cannot sign your petition in the way that I am used to.

    • The link is on the post you commented from. A link is also on the post titled ‘From little things big things grow’.
      Otherwise go to and it’s the first petition on their site.
      Thanks for your support, Leonard.

  121. Deb Windsor said

    Hi Catherine,
    Has anyone forwarded this filth onto the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Skipione? Commissioner Skipione may well be fully informed and he would simply not tolerate this. I am sure it will come under some form of offence, after all there are restrictions on the type of number plate you are permitted to have. It cannot translate into something offensive. Secondly, try contacting Ben Fordham at 2GB, he has supported petitions before with much success and absolutely loathes this sort of thing, he will encourage more signatures, I am totally sure of it. Ben’s email address is or you can reach him by via the 2GB website

  122. diana said

    Hello i totally support your petition..maybe as an idea is to get the “WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN” to support you its a campaign against violence towards woman I know that its in auzzie cause im on the committee here in NZ…hope that helps the cause move forward

  123. Alex McKellar said

    Paula! Ace job bringing this issue into the spotlight. I’m thinking Wicked are only concerned about “controversy” (I prefer to call it misogyny) to promote their brand while making more money from unassuming backpackers. Why not join forces with one of the other camper companies and undercut their van rental package prices? I’m getting on tripadvisor right now. Oh, and did you know I can’t complain to advertising standards bureau because I haven’t actually seen the princess/slut van? Preposterous.

  124. Marcel Remmers said

    The slogan about the princess needs a bit added to it : “And regret it for the rest of her life”. The Aussi culture is still young but it is certainly time to make it more civilized.
    The photo that is showing is amazing. My son is a dancer. They are more fit than a footballer.(that is another Aussi ignorance)

  125. Hi Paula,
    Help them to change. Offer some alternative slogans for them to use. Remove some of the burden and pressure and turn it into a constructive energy and a development.
    Ask for a people’s brain storm of funny – respectful slogans. Maybe wicked won’t like them, but it changes it from an attack to an improvement.

  126. sarah said

    I am a strong supporter of your efforts! I have both a son and a daughter and I strive to teach them both how to properly treat others and what treatment they should accept & more importantly what NOT to accept!!! I have signed petition and also sent wicked campers a message via their ‘contact us’ page, if everyone takes a moment to express disgust and bombard them with thousands of messages, we can only hope they will listen….i love the other ideas especially getting caravan parks etc to ban the vehicles.

  127. Rob said

    Re Sarah’s response to Peter, whilst I am against political correctness per se (which I consider both negative and destructive), I consider all of the objections to Wicked’s actions expressed here entirely right and reasonable. These slogans are crass, inexcusable, several universes away from funny and totally beneath contempt. Possibly even criminal – incitement to commit offences of rape and child molestation?

    Incidentally, I fully support the spray can approach proposed by some colleagues. Give Wicked a lot of the wrong publicity by making the colours as garish as possible. Spray the boss and his premises as well, while you’re about it. I bet he’ll care about that!

    And before anyone writes to say we are inciting the commission of the offence of criminal damage, so what? Let them prosecute.

  128. wodnala said

    Thankyou for putting up the “Wicked Campers” petition, which I signed yesterday, and sent to several friends. I guess there are a few people with the emotional maturity of a 15-year-old who might find the messages hilarious, but nobody else. Like you, I think my kids (son, 9 and daughter, 12) definitely don’t need to see such trash.
    To me, it is not the sexy stuff which offends, but the appalling insensitivity and lack of respect for others. And it seems there are a huge number of fellow Aussies who agree.
    As I write this (10:50pm), I see the petition signatures are pushing towards 114,000 with new signatures coming at 12 to 15 per minute – that’s about 700 – 900 per hour.
    Unfortunately, as others have noted, John Webb seems to think any publicity is good publicity, so there should be further action taken to ensure his business takes a financial hit. Maybe a social media campaign targeting his customer base, asking them if they would like having such comment directed to their own families (and kids in particular)?
    And of course, there’s always direct action.
    I wonder how John would like slogans modelled after his own, like:

  129. Melanie said

    I sent a message to thier Facebook page saying how disgusted I was. Maybe other people can do the same

  130. EdwardianLady said

    Hi Paula, Well done for starting this petition. I saw one of these vans in April but it never occurred to me that it was a company/business signing off to these messages. Shocking. You asked for further suggestions & I wonder if its worth you making contact with the ‘No more Page 3’ team in the UK. They have been enormously successful applying pressure to ‘The Sun’ newspaper in order for them to remove the topless Page 3 model from its pages.

  131. Rachel said

    Wicked campers are all appallingly maintained and can’t be roadworthy. Pressure the motor vehicle registers in each state to blitz them and put them out of business.

  132. Dereen said

    May I suggest a new slogan for them? “WICKED – GROTTY LITTLE VANS FOR GROTTY LITTLE PEOPLE”.

  133. Chelle Of Steel said

    I’ve signed and shared on Facebook, also saw Paula and her daughter on The Project last night talking bout this disgusting statement, outrages how we can’t say certain words in TV shows yet is advertised if violence or swearing will be shown, yet it’s ok for a van to have the word “slut” in plain sight for anyone to see in general public? That makes me sick! My daughter just turn six and is extremely smart, if she were to see that van, and ask me what does slut mean, I dread on how I could reply, the sooner this company removes all of their offensive statements the better it will be…

  134. Hi Paula,
    Because of the google reviews I wrote on various wicked camper searches e.g. “wicked campers auckland”, if you google “wicked campers” in New Zealand you get my pic with my “BOYCOTT WICKED CAMPERS!!!” message and link to my review right underneath the link to This however doesn’t work on Windows 8.1 unfortunately, which sucks so no one should want to upgrade to it anyway. As a result of my campaign, if you google “mark roberts” in New Zealand (not on Win 8.1), you will see a pic of me with “BOYCOTT WICKED CAMPERS!!!” underneath my pic at the very top of the right side of the page. The most famous Mark Roberts is a British streaker! Don’t get us confused!
    Best regards,
    Mark Roberts


  135. Hi Paula

    I had some spare time so I’ve posted reviews for wicked campers in brisbane, queensland, sydney, nsw, woolloongabba, melbourne, adelaide, perth, and south africa. If I google “wicked campers sydney” from New Zealand there is your news story on the left side of the page and my pic and review a little lower on the right side of the page. I’m not sure what appears if you google from Australia. Again, Windows 8.1 shows nothing. Google only shows my reviews at 7 but I’ve done more than that. If you google “boycott wicked campers” or “wicked campers boycott”, I’m at #2 on the first page. I had to rewrite some of my reviews cos google flagged some of my reviews as not complying with their content policy. Maybe they thought I was spamming???

    Hopefully between your news stories and my reviews people will be warned away.

    Best regards,
    Mark Roberts


  136. Jennifer Beahan said

    Nice work Paula. Hope the contents of this article are true and they indeed apologis to you and your daughter.

  137. Rialanna said

    This news just in regarding Wicked Campers. The Senate just unanimously passed Qld senator Larissa Waters’ motion condemning the sexist, misogynist and racist slogans that Wicked Campers have on their hire vans.

  138. brooke said

    hoorah! just read the media release ‘Senate passes Greens motion condemning Wicked Campers’ promotion of sexual violence against women’. they have already removed one of the slogans and will remove more shortly. THANK YOU!!!

  139. Rialanna said

    There’s an announcement on the 4ZZZ (Brisbane radio station) facebook page regarding this press release, and someone’s posted a photo of a Wicked van, before with a really gross phrase, and then after someone’s sprayed over it in the same style – “If you wouldn’t say it to ya nan… don’t write it on ya van!”

  140. The media statement said they’d remove the slogans over the next 6 months. It might take me that long to stop my BOYCOTT WICKED CAMPERS campaign.

  141. SjB said

    I will take Wicked Vans’ reported commitment to phase out / spray over / modify the language somewhat / say whatever they have to do for now …. with a large grain of salt. This company and its owner have form over a long period. I engaged in an extensive email and personal conversation with them years ago after seeing their vile intrusion into the public space and they really don’t care.

    They said they have a successful business model and they told me that the people who complain aren’t their customers so they don’t have to care. Even this petition, which I signed, will be irrelevant in pressuring them long term. I carry a spray can of paint, and should I see a van I will use it. I suspect that they pay to have these slogans painted on, despite the graffiti like appearance, and paying to have them constantly repainted might push the only button they have, their bottom line.

    • Hi Susan,
      I think it’s important to give them a chance. This campaign was different in the magnitude of the outcry and the reach of the negative press.
      They have been compliant, whereas they never were in the past.
      I think this time they realised their ‘successful business model’ – is no more.
      Thanks for your comment.

  142. SjB said

    Oh, and by the way, well done with the petition and the resulting action. If anything can change them, your action will be the start.

  143. Jamie said

    I don’t like most of the crap written on the wicked camper and would never rent one but I don’t think we should ban something because we don’t like it. If most people really are offended by it they won’t rent their vehicles and they will change of their own accord. Banning something because you find it offensive is a slippery slope, whatever happened to freedom of expression?

    • I never called for the banning of anything. I’ve been very, very clear that I never wanted the demise of the business; merely the removal of dangerous slogans like the one my 11 yr old daughter saw.
      The problem is that the person that uses the business (the driver) is the only one who *doesn’t* see the slogan – just the rest of us. And the slogan in question, amongst many others (but not all) are abhorrent.
      The outcry of support would suggest that people agree.
      Freedom of speech is a right – one I have been allowed to utilise through this petition – but where do we draw the ethical line?
      Thanks Jaime.

  144. Marcel Remmers said

    Congratulations. It is a win for civilisation. marcel

  145. Rob said

    Wonderful as our achievement is, I regret I share SjB’s reservations as to the long-term effects. The owner has frequently made clear how he cares not one jot about adverse opinion and reactions. He is only taking apparent action now because he has been forced to. This is of an entirely different order to a heartfelt acceptance that he has done wrong, a heartfelt apology and a heartfelt commitment to do better and ensure no repetition.

    So, my message is: monitor closely what he does, keep up relentless pressure and make sure you keep various tourism-related bodies and media not only on board but on side.

  146. Rob said

    Thank God for people with your level of energy and commitment. Do take a break, though. Heaven knows you’ve earned it.

  147. SjB said

    @Jamie “Banning something because you find it offensive is a slippery slope”…

    There is a lot of offensive material out there, but one usually has decided to seek it out. Wicked Campers don’t give you a choice. You can be out walking or driving, and see material that, if in print, would not be legally available to children. The nice young man at Wicked Campers assured me that children see much worse on the internet every day, but that involves a choice to go online. I don’t get a choice, and every time I pull up in traffic behind one of these vans I am exposed to the work product of a world view that is at best misogynistic and denigrating, and at worst rapey. I don’t want to educate, transform or convert these people. I just don’t want to read their contumely. It’s not censorship, it’s good manners.

  148. godtisx said

    I just saw this and you already hit goal. Had to take some time off WordPress, but wow.

    Pretty proud of you. 🙂 And I thank-you right along with your daughter and other daughters (who might) I’m sure.

    • Thanks darlin! You’re very sweet.
      It was pretty-full on but SO positive. A good (and very fast) win that for all the way to the Senate in four days.
      I’ve been pretty quiet myself, since the whole Wicked Campers campaign.
      Now I want to take on Facebook! Hahahaha!
      Well…I really want to anyhow. 😛

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