I finally did it….

January 10, 2012

This is going to be a quick entry, as it’s nearly 3 in the morning! I am a complete blog virgin and it’s taken a while to get a basic feel for things.

I feel a teeny bit lost, coupled with an exciting ‘living-on-the-edge’ feeling right now. The fact that my brain is barely ticking, isn’t helping…..but one thing is for sure – I am SO excited to have finally done this!

In essence, I want to ask women of all ages questions about how they view what’s currently happening in our ‘developed’ world.

WHY? Because there’s more of us

…AND women are equal to, if not better than, men in the brain sector (as an example – girls have been dominating the honour rolls in our Yr 12 final exams for years).

HOWEVER, although the statistics seem to be weighed in our favour, we are grossly outnumbered in the top end of government, big business and corporations, and therefore have very little imput in making the BIG societal decisions that mould the fabric of our lives – especially that of our children. I feel the current paradigm of our youth is skewing towards an unbalanced and saturating, (prodominantly) man’s world.

I want to start a conversation with women of ALL AGES about this. I really want to know if it’s possible for us to make a change – UNITED – or do we continue with the, “That’s just the way it is”, way of thinking?

This is not anti-male by ANY MEANS.  I’m just into the balance of nature – night/day, good/bad, man/woman…..except that last one seems a bit out.

So much for the quick entry – it’s nearly 4.30am now! I think I’ll ask my first question – quite a general one to kick things off:

Question #1: How do you feel about the way in which women are generally being portrayed in this society?

8 Responses to “I finally did it….”

  1. Hello there, and congrats on starting your blog! I, too, have started mine only yesterday, and I completely understand the excitement that comes with it. I really believe that blogging can change people’s minds, and that together, we can bring about change.

    How do I feel about the way women are portrayed in society? Angry. Very angry. The ridicule, the condescension, the patronising patience with which men ‘listen’ to women before returning to the ‘real’ business at hand… all these things infuriate me.

    Keep blogging, I look forward to your future posts. =)

    • questionsforwomen said

      Yay! Congratulations to you too! It’s nice to see like-minded people…I really do feel we can change too – but jeez there are some entrenched attitudes!
      I’m actually mostly peeved at the women that keep that negative image intact for us and don’t realise that things CAN improve, but not without them!

  2. That’s a pretty big question. I think we are still portrayed as homemakers, I think there is an image of perfection displayed in magazines, films, music videos that is unobtainable and makes us feel bad about ourselves. But then I like seeing/reading stories about these fantasy lives (hypocritical I know). I think we are still feed the line that we can have/be/do it all and I wish successful women would be more honest about what it actually took to get to the high levels.

    • questionsforwomen said

      Sorry for the big question – I think I was actually hallucinating by that stage! Ha!
      I feel that our image has been ‘mapped out’ for us. Unfortunately it’s our young girls that are targeted as sexual objects to ‘get the guy’ and then, definitely (I agree with you), we are the mothers who can ‘do it all’. This is another topic I want to explore in the upcoming blogs.

  3. Kate said

    Makes my blood boil. The only way we’re portrayed is as some bimbo sex vixen who is worthless without an airbrushed and completely falsified body, usually plugging some male piece of materialism or used to make women ourselves buy into some fashion marketer’s ploy, or as a non-descript “mother” type whose only desire is to be the invisible bolstering fabric of her partner and kids. Where did our brains go? Where did our real physicality go? Where did our say, our wisdom, our impact on humanity go? Where are we??

  4. Martie said

    Just took my son to see a Disney show – all innocent childish fun until the mermaids broke into song “Single Ladies” with the inevitable booty shaking dance moves.. Is it just me who thinks that’s a little inappropriate and unnecessary? So worried about the messages young girls are getting…

    But as for how women are portrayed. I’m disgusted by the double standards in politics. A strong man is a strong man but a strong woman is a ‘ball breaker’ and worse..

    • questionsforwomen said

      Yes, I think it is, Martie. They’re all subliminal messages that our kids are absorbing and it’s an overwhelming amount because it’s everywhere.
      There’s a clip on YouTube with 7 yr olds in America dancing to the same song. You can imagine how they danced and what they were wearing. The worst part was how the audience was responding – grown people. Just terrifying. Paedophiles won that day.
      As for the image of women, I feel like I could write forEVER on this. Worst part is that we’re as bad as men because we perpetuate the image. That’s why I started this.

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