Beautiful new icon

February 12, 2012

Hey gorgeous girls *grinning*

I have a new image for this blog, that I think reflects how I see it all:

It’s mother-earthy; it’s peaceful; it’s all women and it’s simply beautiful. It’s called ‘Hope II’ and the artist is Gustav Klimt.

I recently got a notebook, where I now jot down any ideas and observations I have for this blog. I bought it in a quirky shop in Katoomba, The Blue Mountains.

The cover is a Klimt painting – the image is of two faces – a mother holding her nestling child; both breathing each other in.

I was drawn to it because, not only is it stunning, the child looks like my eldest girl when she was a baby (lots of dark hair when she was born) AND my youngest, because she’s fair and looks like the cover babe when she sleeps.

I love it.

I first learned about Klimt (and his gold paint) through my sister, an amazing artist herself, because one of her favourite paintings was always, ‘The Kiss’.

I was busting to know the name of the painting on my beautiful notebook…and there I made a very poignant discovery. The image of my slumbering mother and babe were only part of a bigger picture – a painting called, ‘The Three Stages of Woman’.

How poignant indeed.

Look at the image of the third stage? Next to the vibrance of the first two stages, what a depressing and bleak view of the old woman – something that appears sadly inevitable and unavoidable – and also encapsulates what we women seem to feel about getting older.

Klimt captured this perception in 1905 – what was he seeing? Better question is:

Question #13: Is this painting a representation of how men see us when we’re old or is it how we see ourselves?


4 Responses to “Beautiful new icon”

  1. lamehousewife said

    Could it be somewhat representative of the Fall? What order are the images in?

    • questionsforwomen said

      I suppose it is, lamehousewife – it’s just so brown and depressing. And it’s a dominant part of the painting. *shrug*

  2. Martie said

    I love Klimt’s work. But maybe I’m missing something? I still see beauty in the ‘third stage’, I think it’s a respectful portrayal. It is reality. It’s sad that she’s nearing the end of life’s journey but that’s no different that if it were a man. I’d be happy to look like that when I’m 80. In fact, I don’t care what I look like when I’m 80, I’ll just be happy to still be around..

    • questionsforwomen said

      I completely agree with you, Martie. I don’t think that stage looks ugly – in fact I can already see my body being it’s slow journey to that shape *wink* – it’s more that brown colouring and, what appears to be, despair. I guess I wonder why it looks like that, instead of the same body with an accepting woman. But I see your point – it could just be representing the end of the journey – an equally sad moment for any woman or man. 🙂

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