Some comic relief…

April 19, 2012

This. Is. SO. Funny.

…well, I thought so anyway.

It’s good to have a good and hearty laugh about more serious issues – and this following clip did juuust that for me.

I was flicking channels on the telly a few nights ago, when I landed on Aussie comedienne, Kitty Flanagan, doing some stand-up. I actually went to the same high school as her – she was the year above me. I was mates with her sister, Penny (in my year group), who was a CACK! Such funny girls.

So it was extra-exciting to see Penny join Kitty on stage to sing a song.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta laugh! *hee heeee*


4 Responses to “Some comic relief…”

  1. Kitty Flanagen is hilarious! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. Michelle P said

    Hello luv! I caught it on tv the other night too. I laughed so much that I booked tickets to her Sydney performance in September. Can’t wait!

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