Just sayin’ – #1

April 28, 2012

I’m watching the news and I see Gai Waterhouse winning big at the races. As a part of the story, they’re interviewing the jockeys…and they’re all male.

Question #38: Why aren’t there any female jockeys?

Regardless of sex, wouldn’t the physique of jockeys be about the same?

…Just sayin’.


Please read the wonderful comment left by Lily, as a response to my last post. She also wants a culture free from porn and her comment is succinct.

Best of all, she’s started to take action by writing many letters to all political avenues, including our Prime Minister – to raise her voice against this Lingerie Football League starting in Australia. We’ve teamed up together and have started looking at different approaches to take – to be heard.

JOIN US…Men too! We need all you dads, uncles, brothers and sons who can see this toxic culture manifesting in front of your eyes.

Our democracy votes in politicians of all levels – so contact your Federal Representative. It doesn’t matter whether they’re your party or not – they’re there – and it’s time to ask them to act for the people of the electorate…who got them their job (majority rules!). After that, it will work its way up.

Use WHOEVER’S representing us. The more of you use, the better.

It’s time to be the village.

…and you know what ladies? Wouldn’t you want to put that ‘nagging’ label towards some good?

Now THAT’S empowering!

Deep Breath

…and GO!



5 Responses to “Just sayin’ – #1”

  1. Verina said

    there are women Jockeys they just don;t tend to race in the big races .. but they are there…

    • questionsforwomen said

      Hey Verina!
      I know that there are some women jockeys – but as with many professions, I just wonder why they’re not seen. Why not the big races?
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. ads said

    Maybe not as strong? the jockeys are small but pretty strong people. I am sure more women than men ride horses for enjoyment/ as a hobby but not many blokes I know work in a nail bar either.

    When getting dressers for a show I was asked to get all women – the job of a jockey doesn’t fit into this as it is more mixed as a profession – but physical strength I think is a factor here.

    There are many females in motor racing – Danica Patric is the most famous I suppose out of NASCAR and INDYCAR racing, but she has sold her notoriety on being sexy – was she forced i dont know – but she is certainly a lot richer for doing it – and a lot more famous than a most male competitors of that class.

    I am sure when she crashes the first to get tagged a “woman driver” as well ? 😉

    Keep up the good work P

    • questionsforwomen said

      I thought about strength, Adam – but what strength is needed, that a woman couldn’t handle…sitting on a horse? We squeeze humans out of our bodies, you know…
      I say, if you’re a guy and you want to work in a nail salon – go for it!! It’s all just labels and society’s conditioning to them. Equality for aaaall!
      Danica sounds like she’s succumbed to the usual pressure – there ain’t no recognising your merit, unless you’re ‘hot’. Sad because she sounds awesome.
      Thanks Ads 🙂

      • ads said

        She looks awesome! 🙂

        You do need a lot of strength to ride a horse that fast and i suppose the extra edge counts.

        You could say why dont more little fellas from Asian countries ride horse here as well

        Horses for courses?


        Keep building it!!

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