It’s a long way, to the top…

June 2, 2012

As I was cooking last week, I caught the tail end of the show, The Project. I have to say that one of their last stories drove home some simple truths about women in the work force. I found myself shouting, “YES!” in the kitchen…on my own, haha!

Because what they discussed so simply; so succinctly; is an issue that – I believe – hits the core of how we can possibly make change.

The story discussed the microscopic representation of women in clout positions ‘at the top’ and the glass ceiling women hit – something I’ve been discussing for a while. In a nut shell – we barely a voice in the running of this world.

Statistics they presented:

  • In Australia, the percentage of women at the top (Female Chairs and CEOs of ASX 200 companies)… 2.75% less than three percent!
  • Australia is equal 1st, in the world, with women’s education AND we’re better educated than men – 87/100 women enrolled in tertiary education compared to 67/100 men. Irony number one.
  • Advertising man, Todd Sampson, who was on the panel, said that women represent 5% of top advertising positions, although women constitute 80% of buying power. Massively HUGE bit of irony there.

Natasha Stott Despoja even says, “What’s it going to take?”

I’ve always discussed these issues in the past, with a gargantuan sense of frustration. We’re equally as smart, we have the buying power…and yet…

They said that in Norway (if my hearing over the extractor fan was good), they put a quota on getting women in the boardroom (currently at 11% in Australia) – up to 40% – by law.

Many countries have listened and are already following suit.

It’s huge.

Here in Australia there’s discussion about putting in a temporary quota system, aiming at 40%, to inject women into more clout positions.

I think this is a fantastic idea.

Of course, there is an objection – as one woman said, she didn’t want to get a job because of a quota she wanted to get it on her own merits. There’s one colossal flaw with this…if we have the brains (and then some), why aren’t we there already? As Dr Phil likes to say, “How’s that working for ya?”

Seeing as the current system isn’t remotely representing women adequately:

Question #50: Do you think a quota is the way to go? If not, how?

The following picture is from an article from The Guardian (UK), where the following was written:

Britain’s economic recovery is being held back by a lack of women in the boardroom, David Cameron has warned.

The prime minister said there was clear evidence that ending Britain’s male-dominated business culture would improve performance.


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