A question for men – #1

June 3, 2012

Well guys, in true faith of the fact that I’m fighting for a balanced world and perspective, I’m keen to also strike up a conversation with you.

I know that there are MANY men who agree with the fact that things are skewing out of balance in what is being portrayed about both girls and boys; women and men. But, of course, there’s always a perspective that men have, that is quite different to women’s.

Adam wrote a response to my post, Just sayin’ – #4. It reads:

I think – as a bloke – I’m not interested in mens tennis but id rather watch womens tennis (not just for the grunting either) It is also a better style of match to watch.

I wouldn’t watch women’s rugby but i would watch the lingerie ball if it was on telly – I wouldn’t go to it or go out of my way mind you

What I’m saying is that if women market themselves as aesthetically pleasing they actually have an ADVANTAGE over men in sports –

Why is this so bad when women like Lauren eagle use their good looks (unfortunately not speaking ability though) to get sponsorship and money – I dont see the same opportunities coming to a young guy with  the same skill-set.

Athletes play to their strengths and good luck to them – what would these girls in the Lingerie ball be doing otherwise? checkout, home mums, glamour work or worse? Maybe some have other jobs – that would be great – but this is where i reckon they make their money – and good luck to them.

I know women like watching mens contact sports because of the guys looking “fit” 

Thats what i think – Ads

My reponse to this is simple. I understand and agree that women have always been ‘the fairer sex’ and have used that to their advantage, to an extent.

However, it’s becoming the ‘poster’ for our young girls – except it’s not the ‘seductive’ or ‘sexually mysterious’ look that we used to have – in this internet and inter-connected current culture – it’s just ‘slutty.’

Can you see the difference?

Tonight on The Project (again) they had a story on the LFL because the first demonstration game was on last night, in Brisbane.

Wow! I tell you what – the footage I saw of the US girls playing, was full on. They were smashing each other. It was really impressive actually. They looked like amazing athletes. I did cringe, though, when they were being rammed into the ground – with nothing but bare skin.

So…why can’t they wear proper protective gear?

The audience was a sea of men, drinking beer. Collective Shout posted the following:

“Heaps of kids there, great family entertainment” reported Mike Goldman from last night’s Lingerie Football League event in Brisbane. He also tweeted this picture. 

Would all of these men have gone to watch if the women were dressed like their male counterparts? If the answer is no, which I suspect it is (tell me if I’m wrong) – then there’s the problem and why it’s going too far. What does it say about us as a society?

One of the panelists on The Project (I can’t remember his name) said something about this being “the women’s choice to play.”

Yes, it’s their choice. But I wonder why there are so many eager candidates. Are we teaching a generation of girls that it’s OK to dress this way – even in sport? Do you think it’s OK?

If you are a parent, relative or friends with people with young girls and boys:

Question #51: Do you think the casual acceptance of  the LFL is an indicator that things are heading down a dangerous road?

I see young boys, like the one in the picture above, learning about women and how this saturated look is fine tuning his tastes for ONE sexually desirable look.

I see young girls learning that men only want ONE sexual look.

Why? Because it’s everywhere – right into their smartphones, in their hands.

Question #52: Is this what we really want for our young ones? One look – no variety – just to make money?

If you’re new to my blog, I have always stated that I think men and women have had the same desires throughout time, and that’s cool – but I didn’t have this in my face when I was growing up (I’m 42).

How do we navigate and guide our youth through this? Surely saying the LFL is OK, is not the way.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Deep Breath.


PS If you’d like to vote against this sport coming to Australia – because these women (and in turn our daughters) are being objectified – go to Change.org and cast your vote.



18 Responses to “A question for men – #1”

  1. Gravitas said

    Let ’em have the LFL,…. you can vote against it if you want and it is important to stand up for what you believe in but there will always be a market for this sort of thing – and the bad publicity is only attracting more media attention. Personally I roll my eyes when I see the ads – never seen a game – and I put it in the same category as World Championship Wrestling – a lot of hype and brief costumes surrounding an activity that actually requires a high level of athleticism, but in the big picture – basically irrelevant. (NB: Plenty of male fans at WCW). However, the damage women’s mags and violence of TV is doing is a different story!
    Banning it will only see it replaced by something else – the cost of a free-speech driven society I’m afraid, The important thing here is that we as parents have an obligation to our children to teach them respect for one another and how they apply that when they grow up is essentially out of our control. We (and the govt) can’t protect/censor them from this sort of thing their whole lives, but we can give them insight to make their own judgements,

    • questionsforwomen said

      I know it will happen anyway – I saw the scores of women trying out for the Aussie teams. It just saddens me that it goes from a tacky US thing, only seen on cable, to a more mainsteam Aussie thing.
      I completely agree with you that it’s the flooding of images in the media (of women dressed like this) that has the most to answer for.
      However, I can’t see big ape-ish men in tights being the equivalent as women in lingerie because the men’s uniform is not a sexual image…that’s why men watch and attend.
      I love your thoughts on parenting – I agree. It just makes me so nervous about ‘what’s next?’ It seems like there’s never a line to cross. I thought women playing a VERY physical sport in their underwear would raise a lot of concern. Obviously, that’s not the case.
      Making money seems to be the ultimate goal – at any price.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • Gravitas said

        You say you are 42, I am 44 – so we would both remember the hysteria generated by Madonna in our adolescence, her persona was certainly based on sexuality and yet she is also extremely talented. It did incur the ire of society, particularly the Catholic school I attended… and did it corrupt us?? well… maybe a little 😉

      • questionsforwomen said

        I LOOOVED Madonna and own the ‘Sex’ book.
        I’ve been thinking about her lately and want to write about her – but I have to get what she represented to us, in that time, clear in my head.
        Funnily enough, I do think she represented something different to what’s happening today.
        Your last comment is a CLASSIC!! Hahaha!! I DON’T THINK SHE CAN EITHER!! Hahaha!
        Thanks for the giggle. x

  2. Xdust said

    “So…why can’t they wear proper protective gear?”

    I will NOT answer this for you mental retards again.. They CAN NOT COMPETE WITH THE NFL. How fucking stupid are you people.

    I AM DONE. either you fucking morons get it, or you dont.!!!!!

    This is one Yank that Is FINISHED dealing with fucking retarded OZ brain damaged morons!!!!!!

  3. Xdust said

    They CAN NOT COMPETE WITH THE NFL. How fucking stupid are you people.

    Just for effect in case you OZ couldn’t figure out the first one. And to think I thought you Idiots were even remotely advanced. HAHAHA, OMG you are Decades behind the states.

    • Rose said

      Decades behind? So, I just went to a cardiologist and had an operation and it didn’t cost me a thing, I have a bachelors degree a masters degree and several graduate diplomas but I don’t have a student loan, I earn six figures as a teacher and…how’s that unemployment rate and GFC going for you guys?

  4. Xdust said

    i assure you US women have figured out the LFL CANT COMPETE WITH THE NFL, for a third time in case the OZ just cant figure it out.

  5. Xdust said

    WTF lets make it a forth, because I have seen this question answered a dozen times:

    They CAN NOT COMPETE WITH THE NFL. How fucking stupid are you people.

    Does this answer your question. I hope so, because no femi-nazi in your entire county has figured it out yet.

  6. Xdust said

    WTF a fifth time. Nah. I’m sure I’m banned by then. But know this,. I live in a country that HAS figured it out.

    Chew on that. The most powerful county in the world has figured this out. Where does this leave you?????

  7. Xdust said

    And one last thing, before you ban me. Are you truly that stupid as to not understand your own question???? I would love to know.

    Canadians are. Yes when pressed, they admitted they knew the answer.

    So tell me, what about the OZ. Are you truly this stupid???? Do you truly not know the LFL marketing???? I would LOVE to know.

  8. ads said

    I love being and instigator! 🙂

    All for good discussion anyway

  9. I love your voice on these vital women’s and men’s issues!!
    and xyonline – a men’s website that promotes positive, healthy attitudes towards women, men and our society has just published an article on the LFL on their website; I’m loving the support from men on this 🙂 we are definately not alone as women on our journey for a more just society http://www.xyonline.net/content/lingerie-football-league-what-it-really-about-and-do-we-want-it-australia

  10. ads said

    All right i have been thinking about this – a good job i suppose it’s what this blog is for 😉 What about we have the lingerie football WITH male cheerleaders! ???

    And wait a second – how come we can have rugby league with female cheerleaders – and no one kicks off?

    Too many questions!


    • questionsforwomen said

      Not the same – you’re clutching at straws! 😉 I think it IS going to far to say that cheerleaders should change because it’s been part of the culture forever. But wearing lingerie as a part of a sport is different.
      Why aren’t there male cheerleaders? Because as much as women may like the look of a fit man, it’s not a prerequisite for us to have them splashed everywhere – unlike men.

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