If you had any doubt…

June 18, 2012

I’m appealing to all the good guys out there because at the end of the day, this topic – which has reared its ugly head again – is really for you.

If there were any doubt about how low Mitch Mortaza, the founder of the Lingerie Football League, can stoop – well, he has.

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter – aged 13, has been approached to be a spokesperson for the LFL. Article here.

In the letter that Mitch wrote to Paris, it outlined that she:

“…will be introducing youth clinics across the country to introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life.”

Introducing young ladies at an earlier stage in life?

How bloody early?

This is why things like the LFL need to be scrutinised and assessed – because once we become (or already have become) a society which just keeps accepting things as they come – without question – then the ‘line’ just gets moved further and further back until…what?

Question #59: When will we say, ‘enough?’ When we have Tweens playing Lingerie Football?

Will the men who may attend such a sporting event, hope the ‘nudity clause’ will stay in place? Maybe catch sight of a pre-teen hairless pubic area?

If you’re thinking that’s sick – well, YES! It is.

Paris is 13…just entering her teens and Mitch thinks it’s a good idea to have her endorse this and create a culture of acceptance – especially with our vulnerable girls.

Needless to say that Paris has declined the offer and the family is completely outraged with it all. Fantastic! These are small mercies which give some hope.

BUT there is a man out there who’s not only created the LFL and (of course) found a market, but is now after our daughters – just to make HIMSELF rich.

Question #60: Does Mitch Mortaza deserve this wealth – just because he can?

I’m pretty sure I could make a lot of money, by crossing some hideous line…and seeing as women are the main consumers on the planet, I’m actually positive I could.

But I won’t…and that’s the difference.

Shame on you, Mitch. And shame on the men and women who perpetuate it all.

…and good on you, Paris!! (seen below, smashing the opposing team, holding up her hands in victory…fully dressed).

I reckon she felt pretty awesome, pumped and confident at that moment. Don’t we want the same for our girls?

Deep Breath.


6 Responses to “If you had any doubt…”

  1. beyond sick!
    thanks for the heads up..
    have you posted on collective shouts website??
    they will want to know!

  2. Look at that healthy, vibrant young woman! With her clothes on!Good on Paris and her family for their decision.

    • questionsforwomen said

      It’s so refreshing, isn’t it? Let’s hope more and more girls choose to be strong if similarly challenged!

  3. lamehousewife said

    Thank you for another wonderful post!

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