The Shire

July 17, 2012

I will be brief as most of Australia has heard of nothing else but this all day.

Last night The Shire aired its first episode.

I literally have no words to explain the levels of ‘wrong’.

Many people from the area are incensed that it’s not an accurate depiction of ‘how it is’ there and then I have a colleague at work who knows which high school one of the girls went to…and it wasn’t in ‘The Shire.’

Oh well, big deal. So the creators are deceiving us – what’s new?

I only have one MAAAAJOR problem with this show and that is how young women are being portrayed.

One of the ‘duo’ (pictured below) did NOTHING but talk about spray-tans, big lips, being thin and botox – with her sidekick. She also convinces her friend to get botox in her forehead…which we see get done. The response? “Is that it? That didn’t even hurt!”

It was like an ad.

By the way, the breasts she’s so subtly pushing out in the image below, were pretty much ‘in your face’ throughout the episode.

Many people in the public were responding to the show by saying how terrible it is that these girls are being judged for how they look. In general, I tend to agree. There are many women who embody similar attributes and attitudes and many more who don’t and we should all be accepted as we are…BUT…

…how can one NOT judge these women about their looks, when the producers not only picked THREE of the main female characters to appear obsessed with their fake appearances – it was, in fact, ALL they talked about. What else are we going to discuss about them – their witty banter?

We have entered a sad time of ‘entertainment’ when such ineffectual people are being glamorised on the screen, for our children to absorb. And they ARE absorbing everything they see.

Question #74: Aren’t we sick of it yet?

What do our daughters have to look up to, when nowadays women have to look hyper-sexualised and self obsessed to become ‘famous’?

Where’s the balance of the other 95% of wonderful women out there to model for our children?

This show, besides all that, is manufactured tripe and should really be boycotted. Don’t you want money and sponsorship spent on something better to put on the telly?

Deep Breath.


2 Responses to “The Shire”

  1. Anna said

    Well the whole show is crap not just the writing… and if its not written and it is really a “reality” type show, then all the “real” people are acting really badly at best.

    • questionsforwomen said

      It’s simply awful, isn’t it? The bad part is that what’s considered ‘entertainment’ has gone to the gutter…and worse still – it has a following.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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