Just Sayin’ – #9

August 25, 2012

As much as the hype over The Shire seems to be abating (I’m not sure what their ratings are like at the moment), it seems ludicrous that the types of people who media feel we need to ‘follow’ are people like this:

Shire star charged over gay attack

When producers of TV shows like The Shire sink to the lowest sludge at the bottom of the bucket to create ‘entertainment’, I just wonder one thing:

Question #83: Who are the bigger fools? Those who create the show or those who watch it?

Why is a man who has urinated on another in a homophobic attack, given the platform and reverence (by some) that TV affords them?


As always, though, we do have a choice as to whom we give our prized attention. Let The Shire sink into its own excrement.

…Just sayin’.

Deep Breath.


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