Just Sayin’ – #9

August 25, 2012

As much as the hype over The Shire seems to be abating (I’m not sure what their ratings are like at the moment), it seems ludicrous that the types of people who media feel we need to ‘follow’ are people like this:

Shire star charged over gay attack

When producers of TV shows like The Shire sink to the lowest sludge at the bottom of the bucket to create ‘entertainment’, I just wonder one thing:

Question #83: Who are the bigger fools? Those who create the show or those who watch it?

Why is a man who has urinated on another in a homophobic attack, given the platform and reverence (by some) that TV affords them?


As always, though, we do have a choice as to whom we give our prized attention. Let The Shire sink into its own excrement.

…Just sayin’.

Deep Breath.


A short post…although I’ve had trouble posting it. Sorry if it keeps reappearing – this should be it.

Now to the issue at hand…

I can’t believe a woman agreed to pose for this shot.

This shot.

Being violently grabbed – violence being represented in three ways – by a fully dressed man.


She’s nobody. Nothing. Invisible.


So demeaning.

…and yet it’s glamorised with her smoking!

A casual way to spend the evening, perhaps?

What exactly does she get out of this?


At what price?

More importantly, what did she teach him?

So it comes down to this:

Question #81: How are we supposed to rise above our situation, when women like this continue to participate in promoting our exploitation?

Worse still, they’re becoming more and more mainstream. Just look at your TV. Or your Facebook Timeline. The following is an ad that appeared on a female friend’s Timeline:

Without women…(you complete the sentence).

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath


Just sayin’ – #7

June 28, 2012

On the weekend, I found myself watching music channels on Cable TV (I don’t have it). I tell you what, I was loving watching all those older 80s and 90s video clips…especially the 80s. There were some corkers!

I made an observation…as I always do! (and you love me for it…hahaha!)

I saw a video for U2 (who are great!) and it made me wonder why there were more aging male bands, than female ones.

I’ve always thought that the wonderful thing about singing is that your voice doesn’t age and that seems to have certainly worked for male bands till their old age.

One that comes to mind?

The Rolling Stones.

And good on ’em, I say. They are talented and have stood the test of time. But in terms of physical appeal?


So bands stay at the top according to talent. That seems logical, right?

Question #63: So where are the aging female bands?

Maybe it’s predominantly women who like women bands and seeing as we’re the most heartless against ‘looking old’ – drop them.

Maybe the male bands are also on the way out due to looking ‘too old’ for our current youth – maybe it’s simply Gen X and The Baby Boomers keeping them alive.


…Just sayin’

Deep Breath


Just sayin’ – #6

June 12, 2012

A female friend of mine, who works in a corporate-style office, told me about an interesting analogy that was made.

The group listened to a male colleague ask,

“How is the Economy like a strapless bra?

Half wonder how its being held up, while the other half wait for the collapse, so that they can take full advantage with both hands!”


…thigh, slappin’ stuff.


Later, my friend and other female colleagues talked about the inappropriate nature of the ‘joke’ and after some discussion, one of the women said, in a resigned manner, that she had ‘gender fatigue’.

Gender Fatigue.

What a succinct phrase – when you’re just too exhausted to fight every gender-biased comment made because you’re sitting and soaking in a vat of it.

Question #56: Have you been feeling any Gender Fatigue lately, ladies?

As my friend says (and I agree), men will always be men, but can’t they just keep it to themselves?

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


PS – I don’t have Gender Fatigue…yet! *wink*

Just sayin’ – #5

June 8, 2012

I recently saw something about the massive class actions against cigarette companies because smokers claim that they weren’t properly warned about the dangers of smoking.

The numbers of people suing is staggering.

I’ve always found this to be a bit of a gip because since I can remember, we have always been told that cigarettes are bad for you. Here in Australia, we’ve had the most revolting pictures of affected organs from smoking on every pack plus statements saying what they can do to you – for years.

So, it’s pretty much a person’s choice then, right?

Well, it’s also a person’s choice to stuff their face with fast food, like McDonald’s. A former employee has successfully sued McDonald’s for becoming overweight.

We now have many women, from all walks of life, making a choice as to how they present themselves – on porn t-shirts, in music videos, in advertisements, on football fields…

Question #54: When people’s choices start to become a detriment to themselves and possibly the world around them – do we intervene?

There are countless examples of how our ‘developed’ world seems hell-bent on doing as it pleases, pushing boundaries for self gain – until it doesn’t suit them anymore and then want to point the finger of blame…although it was always their choice to start with.

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


Just sayin’ – #4

May 30, 2012

Picture this – you have a yearning to do something – something that gives you a real fire in your belly. You’ve been told that being a woman means that there are no boundaries and that you can do anything! GO FOR IT!

Well, some of the women who are involved in the LFL feel that fire and want to feel that sporting challenge.

This week I have heard arguments in favour of the LFL – of genuinely interested women who want to play but have no other avenue to do so…unless they wear ‘the uniform.’

Question #49: What does this say about our unequal world, if the only way these women can play this sport is by looking sexually provocative? 

As I’ve heard said, “Why else would anyone go watch women’s sport?” Sad.

I asked why these women don’t just start up a league and play on their own terms… and the answer is – it doesn’t make money.

When the LFL was about to launch in the US, the Chicago Tribune quoted: “For those who have long mulled what would happen if you wedded Victoria’s Secret with professional football, the Lingerie Football League debuts…” it also says, “…the league, billing itself as true fantasy football…”

It is, what it is.

Whatever positive messages this sport has, it’s lost in its packaging – or lack there-of.


If my wonderful grandmother were still alive, I wonder what she would think of women being portrayed and SOLD in this manner?

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


It’s less than a week before the LFL plays in Brisbane and Sydney and I’m going to continue using my voice to oppose it. Go to Change.org and vote!

Just sayin’ – #3

May 20, 2012

I was watching the horror space movie Event Horizon last night and noticed that they’d cut out a lot of the more really scary visual images – the Hellraiser type ones. I thought, “Fair enough”…it was on the TV and the movie did start at 8.30pm.

Last year, however, when I was flicking through channels, I stumbled on something quite different. The Aussie TV series Underbelly Razor (set in the roaring 1920s and based on real events) was on and the scene was in a bar, where two women – being looked on by a crowd – were having a very heated verbal argument.

One of the women challenged the other to fight and she agreed. At this point both women took of their tops and completely bare-breasted, started to fight each other.

I kid you not.

That was also on at 8.30. Pity there’s no thought of cutting out scenes like that.

…Just sayin’.

Deep Breath.


PS It’s been a crazy week. Exhausted – but all good. Next post is coming soon.

Just sayin’ – #2

May 10, 2012

It’s Mothers’ Day this Sunday and I saw a lingerie catalogue for mums…using very young, ‘hot’ women.

Lingerie for mothers – who have had humans exit their womb – being modelled by hotties.

This brought me to ask:

Question #44: Who is making the decision to use these types of unrealistic images – men or women?

Because whichever way you look at WHATEVER image you’re looking at – you can’t escape one undeniable and deflating fact:

You can’t have these unrealistic, fake, plastic, hyper-sexaulised images of women…without  women.

…Just sayin’.

Deep Breath.