And then there’s this.

November 20, 2012


The following article contains information that some may find upsetting.

It has upset me quite deeply.

Female Circumcision in Indonesia

I have no words.

I have no question.

Our humanity seems to be disappearing…

ebbing away…

until we’re numb.

And you know what? If you say, “Well, that’s the way it’s always been” my response would be,

“So what!What do we think about it today??

Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

If it does, then why is this sort of thing – as well as the countless, upon endless other kinds of atrocities – still HAPPENING?

There must be way to stop this.

Deep Breath


3 Responses to “And then there’s this.”

  1. Harls said

    I feel sick. Those poor girls, denied one of the fundamental human pleasures in the name of … what? Evidently not even Islam? The burqa/hijab/whatever is not mentioned either in the Koran. Evidently, primitive medieval societies attribute silly traditions to religion for things that aren’t even rooted in religion (although the religious nutters, the muftis, mullahs, whatever you call them, are keen to maintain these appalling tools of suppression on the basis of religion as it suppresses the masses). This was also in the news last month:

    Next: male genital mutilation – although this appalls me also (not to the same extent as FGM, as it does not destroy a male’s sexuality), but to my astonishment my negative sentiments are not shared by many of my male friends, some of whom are so positive about it they also get their sons mutilated. Hey! I have a healthy baby! I’m gonna go cut some healthy stuff off my child’s genitalia for no good reason, and where it will negatively influence the child’s pleasure for a while lifetime!! Go figure.

    I do not mean to hijack the FGM discussion in order to concentrate on MGM however. FGM is so serious, so entrenched, billions and billions and billions of girls will suffer their entire lifetime before there is any hope of eradicating this disgraceful practice. I may disagree with your comment “our humanity is disappearing” as it was probably worse in the past, but it seems there is no way to end it. Nothing we can do? I think I probably agree with that. Deep breath. x

    • questionsforwomen said

      I was actually thinking of the boys too, as I was commenting – I mean they’re right there in the same place! I don’t mean to take away from the pain the boys go through either – but the girls’ one is steeped in so many hateful, controlling and oppressing reasons (and you agree with me there).
      The comment about our humanity comes from a place that’s starting to numb – especially knowing that there’s not much that can be done. It hurts my heart.
      And I think it is worse now because as much as these ‘old fashioned’ atrocities have always existed, we are now crueler towards women as a society – mainly due to the damage the Porn Industry is doing – which is now in a realm that is virtually untouchable, due to the Internet and Capitalism…
      Anyway…I’m reading essays about porn, seeing films about the femicide of girls, reading about the suffering of the refugees in Nauru who live in 40 degree heat, with 13 other people, in a tent…etc. etc. etc…it seems our humanity is disappearing.
      Thanks for your comment, Harley. x

  2. I dont know how you stop it but it has been going on for years. Absolutely disgusting.

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