A shout out to all good people!

January 5, 2013

A cocktail drinks’ menu has come to light.
It’s so bad. The malice is two-fold – not only because of the actual names that were chosen for the cocktails, but that not one person got in its way and said, “No, this is wrong.”

With all the horrific, violent and frequent incidences that are occurring around the world, someone ultimately gave the final OK to this declaration of hate.


What is it? A dare? A challenge?
“We’re not going to stop calling you sluts and you can’t make us!” Is that it?

This is what I wrote on the Spectrum Daiquiri Bar Facebook page:

When you write these horrible terms about women, you write about ALL women – your mother, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters. You can’t say, “Oh no, I didn’t mean you” – it doesn’t work that way.
This is hateful – “Shut her up” and “Slut’. These are the reasons men rape.

Even more deplorable still, you make it a poster (condoning rape culture), that young people read as they’re getting drunk – actually helping create a toxic and violent world for women.
Why do you hate so much?
Shame on you.

Condoning rape culture = hate.

I reckon that if you filtered down all the reasons why men rape women, it would probably be because he either sees her as a slut or just wanted to shut her the **** up?

And this bar thought it would be hi-laaaarious to use these contemptuous and patronising labels for women…whilst young people are brainwashed – as they drink their mind stupid.

BUT – we’re not doing enough about this. Yes, things are being said; but not enough is being done.

If we did, this would simply be stopped. WE – the consumer – saying:

“We won’t stand for this. We don’t want it.”

The volume of the good men’s voices needs to be cranked up a few notches. Lots of women have left comments on this bar’s page, but there are barely any from men – showing their dissatisfaction, that is.

C’mon guys! (Spectrum Daiquiri Bar)
Whatever your age – tell them you’re ashamed.

I hope, with all my heart, that everyone simply boycotts this place (in Brisbane).
I’m sure there must be better places to go to, that respect both genders AKA people.
Give them your hard-earned dollars. Invest in something good, which means taking your business elsewhere. Boom.

Question #130: How empowering would that feel?

…plus it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Feeling that use of power for good?

Deep Breath.



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