I’m just pointing it out – in pictures.

June 19, 2013

I feel it’s very convenient to say that by objecting to issues of complete unfairness, women become *shrill, too sensitive, irrational! Can’t be counted on for anything – just listen to them? What? Equal pay? Just calm the hell down. Can’t you take a joke?*

It’s usually how it rolls off the tongue – regardless of the seriousness of the problem, that seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Females are equal to males

Again (I’ll repeat) – not the same – but equal.

Women respect men. Men respect Women.
That’s the only way it can work.

Without equilibrium, NOTHING works.

Some processes are slower than others, but at the moment there seems to be little respect for women in any other realm – other than sexually or in the home…even though the statistics of domestic violence towards women and children  makes one start to wonder…

Question #169:  What the hell is going on?

A picture posted on FB led me to a page called The LAD Bible.
I’m going to post a small selection of the screen-printed images, memes and photos that appear on that page. They have other ‘blokey’ type humour (covering sleeping man’s face with food pieces – haw haw), but it’s not hateful like the following.

So as you look through these, I just want to know one thing:

Is this it?

Is this the type of man on offer for us now?

Lucky us, hey?

Underneath each image, I’ll write the tagline the site provided for each photo:


1. Good point well made.

Pity we can’t get help from guys about guys. Wouldn’t want to break the bro-code.
Although this is a sexist cliché, I was just curious as to whether we can ask for help in any way.
I have asked for men’s insight in the past on this blog, only to have been rewarded with the sound of crickets.



2. All a LAD needs.

So that’s it? Pizza, beer and tits?
How silly of us to feel like we’re worth more than just objectification, like have an identity…

Why is this girl allowing herself to be photographed in this objectified way?
Who she is as a person is irrelevant.
Who wants to feel like that?

Sadly. There’s an abundance of images like this. So very troubling for both genders.



3. DadLAD

A father’s advice to his son…in her gob.


This has been cleverly written, but don’t let it overshadow what it’s saying:


4. AdviceLAD

This drips in disrespect.
A woman’s ‘characteristics’ appear to be deserving of cheating and deception. Others are sluts. Clichés are also used, like that classic where women just want to marry men for their money. Really? I know a lot of married women and
a) many are the main breadwinners
b) I personally know of only a small number of separations within the large number of couples I know – but in all but one of those cases, it ended because the husband left the wife (and children) for another woman. That’s the more common scenario.

When I posted an article titled, A Shameful Week to be a Man on my FB Questions for Women page this afternoon, a man responded to the part about Nigella Lawson being grabbed around the neck by her partner with:

‘What about all the thieving bitches making a living out of marrying rich men only to divorce them for their money? You think this woman married this monster for love, the same fuckwit husband who offered visiting six year old cigarettes. It’s called karma bitch, marry for love and not money then you might have the right to call yourself something other than a prostitute and then you might find yourself a decent man who would treat you with love and respect. For the record I love having a cock and I’m not ashamed to be a man.’

Thieving bitches? Marry for love not money?
Even when the facts prove glaringly otherwise, this corker always seems to pop up in defence of male violence.



5. A little teaser from the up-coming book.

A book?
It’s not bad enough that our perfection entails cooking, cleaning, sex and a ‘perfect body’ – but we weren’t worth the price and now men bitch about what they got.


Worst part is that a boy who looks about 10 years old in his photo, commented: ‘So true’, to the description above. Already an army of young experts in the wings.



6. PoetryLAD

This is hatred of women. I know it’s an exaggeration – but at the same time it’s not.
It’s hatred because women have no other place or role, than to please man – the way HE wants.




And it’s everywhere.

How can we NOT call out Enough!?

Question #170: Don’t women deserve better?

9 Responses to “I’m just pointing it out – in pictures.”

  1. I see this stuff every day, say what I can, when I can, put up with their BS, and as bad as it gets for me I know its far worse for women. I didn’t even know about this blog until tonight, less than 20 minutes ago, but I hope to stick around and at least hope I’m far from being as close to an oxygen thief as these vile, misogynistic wastes of carbon.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I’m glad you have found me! It’s always a relief to find a man who simply sees how this is all tipping out of balance.
      Fundamentally, women and men have their particular characteristics, but we can’t continue to successfully exist in a world where men’s wants and desires outstrip women’s – many times to women’s detriment.
      Thanks for encouraging words 🙂

  2. sally said

    what you stand for is very inspiring i very much value the things you say..im not sure if you have heard of the movie spring breakers or watched it i found it to be one of the worst movies I’ve seen and thought for you to check this out http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/mar/28/spring-breakers-movie-wild-girls-rape-culture thanks x

    • questionsforwomen said

      Thank you, Sally for your kind words! 🙂
      Yes, I have heard of Spring Break and seen the trailers.
      I was gobsmacked. Such shite. And the typical formula of innocent Disney star turned ‘hyper-sexualised and ready-to-go’ is enormously disappointing…and so very boring.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. godtisx said

    I just think we have to educate the world, moving in the opposite direction of the narrative being recycled. Do it with pride, it’s like the world has a story about women (that yes some women have latched unto) which they are running like a broken record. Unfortunately plastering on any woman who happens along. This is western cultures and non-western cultures. So women have to keep fighting, but we also have to inject society with different lessons about us, have women get it too. Then sites like True Lads and movements like the MRM will start to look archaic, as they must. But I think better education about who we are is a start.

  4. tiffany267 said


    “drips of disrespect” = severe understatement. I felt physically sick all over my body reading that pathetic rant (which of course adds insult to injury in that it’s written with the patronizing implication that computer-speak is only for MEN, that only MEN think logically and can work with software).

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