30 Responses to “Why Julien Blanc is just the tip of the iceberg.”

  1. sam said

    One of the most pathetic articles I’ve read about this. You have clearly done zero research other than reading the media sites. RSD allows women to attend their events for free so you can see what they’re about (which you obviously don’t). You should go to one of the free tours in your city.

    • I have done quite a bit of research actually and got all my information from THEIR pages – vile tweets, plus videos that have been since taken down.
      How they scramble. Is the founder of RSD feeling a bit hot under the collar for admitting to rape on camera, perchance?
      Whether they ‘allow’ women to attend (why would they want to?) is irrelevant. Their seminars are about coercing women into submission; what SHE feels does not factor in the slightest – the tweets I copied off Blanc’s page about fucking women over and objectifying them etc. only prove the point.
      The men I wrote about in this post are abhorrent because they hate women and treat them as such. Did you even watch the video of Sam Pepper’s rape victim? You don’t think a man like Blanc, grabbing the throats of women and telling them to sshhhh is dandy?

      It is you who needs to do some research and please not bother coming back to explain how women should feel about it – we already know.

      • sam said

        I have done my research, and RSD has helped me tremendously in my life, as well as thousands of other guys. Julien’s twitter page is a joke. It’s designed to be shocking and not serious. It’s trolling, and you fell for it. What he did in his videos was horrible and we all know that. But it’s unfair to judge what RSD is about based on a couple “bad apple” videos/tweets, when it’s clear as day they have helped so many guys in their lives with depression, social anxiety, addiction, dating etc. I’m one of them. I’m in a much better place after discovering RSD. The fact you don’t know this means you haven’t done any research. Videos like these are just incredible and I’d urge you watch some of them to get a better idea of what we’re actually about.

      • OK, Sam. I watched the first link you put up in its entirety. I wish you to ‘hear’ me in the spirit of a calm conversation.
        I am a high school teacher and run workshops for teens – of both sexes – and teach some of the principles that Owen mentions – like taking action, having goals etc. But on the whole – honestly – this guy can’t be the one you all turn to for life advice.
        The basis of building his business – how he gains the bums on seats – (according to him) is through his ‘bootcamps’ on how to get women and that comes through word of mouth, through things like his videos.
        Here are some quotes/moments from this video (the secret of success one):
        * “I should go on Doctor Phil and teach him why you shouldn’t supplicate to women. That would be cool.”
        * He says that lots of guys think: “‘He (Owen) is a dick but some of his ideas are OK’. Then you keep watching and think, ‘OK maybe this guy is kinda decent’. I get told all the time.” Why does he get told that all the time? Says something about his character.
        * “I chose to grow RSD based on product quality.” He then lists what he does, including “in-field hidden camera video. Have you guys seen it?” (HIDDEN camera. That’s a right’s violation for anyone who doesn’t know they’re being filmed.) He then says, “That’s because I go out every day so that I can do that shit. I’m doing some hard-core shit here. If I land (from a flight) at 1.30am, instead of going home to my family (what family? Parents? Partner?), I run out to the motherfucking nightclub and try and open a couple of girls…” This is the character you want advice from?
        * Discusses Communism and obviously has no clue.
        * “My love is for the level of creativity, how I can streamline what it is that I’m doing…I don’t want to get titilated I want to kill (metaphor)”
        My concern is for how does he do this – are women used for his ‘creativity’ (even if it’s for some of the time – it’s morally bankrupt when he does = bad character)
        * “I’ve been banging chicks for….a long time. I’ve been with every type of girl.”
        * “I could have been climbing the corporate ladder but I chose to be some fringe teacher guy and see where I could go with it.”
        Really? He just spoke of being dirt poor at one stage and he chose to turn his back on the corporate ladder?
        * He talks of an Al Pacino movie where he’s motivating a team saying “‘You’re going to win’ and that shit. That shit’s kinda cool, right? Actually, that stuff’s not really helpful for someone who’s successful – it’s not even helpful. It’s kind of helpful, it’s like inspiring, I kind of love it actually.”
        What? He speaks in circles and confuses even himself – you can see the guys at the front fading as he’s not telling them anything concrete.
        * Lists things he does “over and over and over” like “to walk down the hill to the motherfucking club to work on my pickup stuff, which is part of what I teach, therefore I wish for my product to be good; over and over and over.”
        * Talking about networking (towards the end of video) how girls want to make it big in Hollywood and “do a bunch of coke and they think they’re networking with people, but all that happens is that they get fucked by one of my interns.” (laughter from the boys)
        There it is. The money shot.
        * “I don’t need to go on NBC and put up with some dickhead that’s going to say: (putting on another lame voice) ‘But is this manipulation of women?..blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.'”
        * “I get tonnes of great offers – ‘you wanna do this, you wanna do that’, you know what I do? I don’t even respond. I don’t even say No Thank you, I don’t respond because at the end of the day, it’s a distraction from the little things that move you forward.”
        Nothing specific is actually being said. I pull that up with my students when I mark their work. This example (like many others) is vague and says nothing on top of the confusion that if you’re being something amazing, you’re to ignore it.
        * “Talent is overrated. You think you’re talented? Fuck you. You think you’re talented? Go suck a dick. You have no talent. It’s the execution. Being a good executer will make you successful.”

        I think this culture has done a lot of harm to boys and men and feel that help is needed – but from this organisation? Surely you can find better people.
        Even though it may not be ALL that RSD are about, a lot of it is to climb over or through women to get ‘what one wants’. Even in this very video about success, the few times women are spoken about, is derogatory and are ‘getting fucked.’

        I stand by my feeling that this group has a rotten soul. They may have some good points, but what *drives* it is toxic. As you’re learning some good stuff, it’s spliced with hateful comments about women or just rambling and vague generalities that make no sense.

        I wish you well and hope you understand my perspective. If not, we have to agree to disagree. I also hope that another, more worthy, group that help guys with depression etc.- one without the screwing over women part – is made available to more of you. I think we all want to see a nicer and happier guy out there.
        Thanks for your comment.

  2. What you call “research” is really just you quote mining RSD material so that you can accuse it of a being misogynistic and sexist organization. What you don’t understand Julien Blanc’s videos, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts were not made to be taken literally or seriously. They were posted to incite a bit of a reaction. Have you ever watched stand up comedy and the comedian say a bunch of fucked up racist/sexist comments? That’s pretty much what was going on here in a different setting. Julien obviously didn’t expect that things would get this out of hand, but he clearly should have with the way that feminists today accuse men of rape and sexual assault on VERY loose terms. BTW Owen Cook, the founder of RSD, has denounced Julien’s video for the reasons I talked about above.

    • Really? It’s just a joke? That’s it?
      Wow. What a revolutionary argument.

      What Owen Cook said about Julien’s videos is irrelevant to me because I saw him say – ‘She didn’t want to, but I *threw* her on the bed and jammed it in her. She was tight and dry because she didn’t want to but I stuck it in anyway.” That, my friend, is a rapist.

      • sam said

        I appreciate you watching the entire video, but I’m dissapointed that your confirmation bias ruined the video for you.

        “I think this culture has done a lot of harm to boys and men and feel that help is needed” Yeah, I agree with you there. 50% divorce rate, guys growing up without strong father figure. What messes us up the most is a lack of identity. There’s no magical day when a boy turns into a man. It’s a process, and rsd helps with that.

        “The few times women are spoken about, is derogatory and are ‘getting fucked.” This is called locker-room talk. Do you really think when we’re in an all men environment we’re speaking of girls as precious unicorns? Of course not.

        Look, RSD helps socially inexperienced guys get their dating lives handled. We’re not like you girls who are just naturally savvy, we need this help.A lot of us stayed inside playing video games and jerking off to porn all our life and have little social skills to speak of. There’s countless success stories on their website.

        I’m sorry that you think we’re just crass assholes that assault women, we’re not. We’re just shy guys who want to get a girlfriend/get laid.

        And just to clarify, that video of Owen was select-edited to make it appear that he admitted to rape, when it’s clear he did not if you saw the whole thing.

      • I have been a high school teacher for 20 years and study the language we use and how things are said, as well as exploring different perspectives. That’s why I watched the whole 50 minutes of the video you sent – not just snippets for my benefit – and not only focused on what he said about women, but also everything else.
        He doesn’t appear very educated and seems to waffle about a lot of things he sounds like he knows little about. What are his credentials?
        I think guys like yourself can find a *much* better group to help you with issues such as being with women.
        It may not be ALL RSD are about – but as you said, it’s the main reason for guys going along to their seminars.
        What a shame they don’t have women instructors to give you the whole picture. Seeing as women’s bodies are the ultimate goal – it’s problematic that you only get this one seedy perspective.
        I never called you crass, as I know nothing about you or what your attitudes towards women are – watching porn doesn’t help there either – but I think this business is crass, yes.
        As for the video of Owen, I did see how it lead up to that moment and saw how he then continued afterward. It’s the *language* he used before talking about forcing himself on her – he said “I hated that bitch – fucking bitch – she was a slut, whore, slut” he then pauses and goes on to tell the story with the words “she didn’t want to but I jammed it in her anyway”. Just so every male is clear – that is rape. Did she report it? Obviously not. Did she give in to make it end quicker? Maybe. The fact is that the man you all think is great has NO respect for women and their bodies. THEIR bodies.
        I don’t know how else to explain it, Sam.
        This man and his business has a ‘core’ that disrespects (hates?) women. A female body is what you turn to him for, with no real regard as to what she wants or what HER story is.
        Still wish you luck.
        Find someone better.

      • PenguinKing said

        Don’t forget Julien got deported. That’s not an easy thing to do and does not reflect well in his defense. You guys have a hard road ahead of you. You are going to have to watch how things go with Japan, Canada and the UK. If they refuse entry the US will (I am sure they already are) will have to investigate RSD officially. Let’s just wait until the investigations are complete. It’ll be on the table soon enough. Australian officials have already seen the videos and would have copies of the ones they have taken down.

      • The only good thing Scott Morrison’s done – kudos to him. There are multiple petitions going at the moment – definitley for Japan (especially after Julien claims white males can do whatever they want over there) as well as the UK.
        We’ll see.

      • Guy Rich said

        Julien got deported because he was an easy political target and free political points for a party currently HATED by the country he is in. It’s easy to take down foreigners because they have no legal status in your country and because the media is making him look like a rapist, its was like shooting fish in a barrel for the minister.

      • No, that’s not entirely true.
        Last year Tyler the Destroyer came here to do an ‘all ages show’ at the Enmore Theatre (and other places) and he has lyrics about violently taking girls and raping them in the cellar and having ‘three way’ with a pregnant woman (+ more) – same with Snoop Dogg – and they were permitted to perform, even though there was heavy protest to not give them access due to the hatred they invite through their lyrics.
        Tyler the Destroyer even called out violence against the one who started her petition against him at his concert and was caught on film. Nothing was done.

  3. Chris said


    I truly love women and see absolutely terrible things being done to and at women all over the place, and have seen “pickup” people that make me cringe, and I’ve watched a lot of Tylers videos on how to rise out of depression, how to be a man who treats women like they should be treated, how to care for yourself blah blah blah. They aren’t racist (they teach people of all races and have people from all over the world on their team), and Julien never physically did anything the girls didnt want (they were all smiling and laughing) juliens a bit of a sadistic bastard tho. (understatement of the year?)

    About the rape, Tyler had sex with her, you’ve never pinned down your boyfriend/girlfriend when you were frisky? Have you every had make-up sex? Having consentual sex with someone you hate is hot. found the monologue you included, the girl was smiling and giggling, touching him, and flirting with him, not forced. Attacking masculinity and men developing themselves to become better human beings doesn’t seem to be an effective way to get a good boyfriend, lady.

    • sam said

      “Seeing as women’s bodies are the ultimate goal” Not true. The ultimate goal is to become a better person in general. Game is just one part of that. A female instructor wouldn’t work. She could give some insight, but she doesn’t understand the struggles of being a guy.

      RSD is just fine for us. We know what we’re doing is good and is helping many guys despite coming off as a bit crass sometimes. Here’s Todd answering questions about what RSD is about after the Julien incident. I hope you can understand more from watching this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC2V_vy2_mU&list=UUa7DLb7F0Udpg90OlSVu7-A

      • PenguinKing said

        As you can probably extrapolate this is damage control. It reminds me of the “I didn’t do it” Bart Simpson episode. This is not going to fly well on an international level. The above video does not imply innocence. A thorough investigation is what is needed and we need to interrogate all the data- inclusive of OK Cupid, Tinder and Facebook conversations with women. Only then will we learn the truth.

      • PenguinKing said

        Plus I am expecting more women to come forward with their experiences with RSD men.

    • Chris
      I never mentioned racism, so I don’t know why that’s a point in your comment.
      Tyler said she didn’t want to and he ‘jammed it in anyway’ – that’s rape, not consensual.
      I know the girl was laughing – I wrote it in the transcript.
      I’m not sure what your interpretation of masculinity is – but I will call it out if it is detrimental to women.

  4. PenguinKing said

    This is an important article about a troubling issue however there is a silver lining with the release of the RSD data to world for comment. The upshot it has bought awareness to millions of people highlighting about one of the darker corners of our society.

    I expect with the increase of conversation and we should expect more confidence in victims coming forward and reporting sex crimes.

    One of the key parts for this remedy is to lobby Governments for harsher penalties for sex offenders as well as an increase of funding in Forensics and IT Forensics. We should demand a thorough investigation to the full extent of RSD and ALL of its followers. Leave no stone unturned.

    I understand that RSD are hoping this blows over and sugar coat it via the “out of context” argument and deleting any incriminating videos but the reality is that it is just one warrant away to being all exposed for as we all know digital data never really disappears.

    Dating sites like Tinder and OKCupid need to up their game and find safeguards to protect their female clients from sex offenders. To activate this they need to work with the police and pass on transcripts written by their more rapey members.

    RSD men are brainwashed and this is probably irrecoverable. From what I have read in the RSD forums they all idolise Julien and Tyler (both sex offenders) and consider them to be their leader. The parallels between the brainwashed ISIS group and the brainwashed RSD groups is staggering.
    I am honestly very grateful that Julien brought this to the light. That old addage every action has an equal and opposite reaction applies nicely here. Thanks Julien in all seriousness. Unless you or RSD are not lurking in the shadows anymore.

  5. PenguinKing said

    I have seen most of the RSD content as well as the RSD content that has been taken down recently. It’s ultimately up to the courts to decide about what laws have been broken and it is up to us as a society to see if these principles stack up to our standards. The take home message for the present is for women to be vigiliant and be confident to report crimes and testify in court.

  6. PenguinKing said

    I read that strategy on the RSD forum. – Stay positive, keep saying it’s out of context and Julien has a dark sense of humour. It’s a simple strategy- stay on message but it’s ineffective. Unfortunately you still have the other RSD followers who hadn’t understood the stay positive bit of Tyler’s instruction and shooting their mouths off calling women fat chicks, femninazis etc. Tyler is right you should shut down that talk because it makes it more interested in what lurks in the RSD rabbithole. However Tyler hasn’t managed this situation very well. This won’t just go away. Governments are involved and citizens are demanding answers.

    • The ‘out of context’ argument is flawed. He said it. It’s irrelevant whether we was discussing world peace before it – or after – he said he did it. His words. Noone else’s.

      • PenguinKing said

        Absolutely. The out-of-context argument would not stand up in a court room. The amount of RSD posts to the contrary out there plus Tyler’s instructions to keep on message would be a tricky beast to untangle.

  7. jnnpppnk said

    Reblogged this on idigadonut and commented:
    How and why does this attitude of hate continue to grow and thrive? What needs to be addressed?
    My son in 1st yr university has been exposed to these ideas. He sees nothing wrong with them and is opposed to the recent emphasis on asking for consent. Yet, a few months ago, he was calling himself a feminist…

    • Oh no! I don’t know what to say; that must worry you a lot.
      In what ways was he seeing himself as a feminist?
      How do you navigate through it as a parent? Sorry for all the questions – as a parent myself, I can take all the information I can get.

      PS thanks for the reblog.

  8. Mark said

    Whoever site this is, bless you! As a guy, I really appreciate you helping broaden this out into a wider context. We all need to pay attention to this so our love ones remain as safe as possible from predatory behavior. Kudos also for the calm approach and response to what, to many, would be maddening comments. We all need to remain calm (even though inside I’m very angry), stay focused and see this through. Hopefully those who may have committed criminal acts will face justice and those who teach how to commit criminal acts (or acts bordering on date rape) will be stopped.

    • Wow, Mark! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.
      I have to be honest, when I saw that I had a new comment form ‘Mark’, I thought, ‘Here we go’ but was so pleasantly surprised. 😀
      I think it’s very important to calmly call things out and discuss.
      If you have children, I have started to do workshops to help kids become more culturally savvy. http://www.questionsforyou.com.au
      Thanks again for your comment

      • Mark said

        Pleasure to do what I can. Julien and RSD’s teachings are dangerous and it seems clear that leaders in RSD have committed criminal acts. It’s also become very obvious over the past few days that RSD has a good many sad men around the world who seem almost brainwashed.

        They can’t come to terms with the basic facts of what constitutes abuse and also a basic understanding of what constitutes rape. I’ve seen it over and over in discussions (I’ve seen a bit of the same here, but, thank goodness, it has remained relatively limited and calm). Men and women over and over explain basic concepts of what’s okay and not okay, what consent means, that “no meaning no”, basic stuff.

        To a person, the RSD defenders use almost the exact same language and strategies (I think Blanc calls it reframing). When their “mind tricks” don’t work then they usually explode in vicious, hateful tantrum. It’s almost cult like behavior.

        I thinks it’s going to be important that we continue spreading the world Internationally (I’m in the U.S.) and keep at this for as long as it takes.

        Thanks also from the link to the workshop page. I have a lot of friends who are teachers. I’ll pass it onto them and also friends with children.

        In closing, in memory of my Mom, who was a early childhood educator, this RSD stuff is almost like the opposite of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. Here are a few quotes I hope some lost RSD person out there may consider.

        – Play fair.
        – Don’t hit people.
        -Don’t take things that aren’t yours.
        – Say you’re SORRY when you HURT somebody.
        -Live a balanced life.

      • Hahaha! You’re sweet sharing my link with teachers – I thought you were from Australia.
        Your mum sounds like she was an amazing teacher, I doubt RSD followers have the necessary brain development to understand the simplicity of her guiding phrases.
        I will share something else with you. I’ve started a petition against Redfoo’s video because it advertises a really revolting porn site within it.
        If you agree it’s crossed the line, could you please sign it and share?
        It’s been lovely chatting, Mark.

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