Just sayin’ – #5

June 8, 2012

I recently saw something about the massive class actions against cigarette companies because smokers claim that they weren’t properly warned about the dangers of smoking.

The numbers of people suing is staggering.

I’ve always found this to be a bit of a gip because since I can remember, we have always been told that cigarettes are bad for you. Here in Australia, we’ve had the most revolting pictures of affected organs from smoking on every pack plus statements saying what they can do to you – for years.

So, it’s pretty much a person’s choice then, right?

Well, it’s also a person’s choice to stuff their face with fast food, like McDonald’s. A former employee has successfully sued McDonald’s for becoming overweight.

We now have many women, from all walks of life, making a choice as to how they present themselves – on porn t-shirts, in music videos, in advertisements, on football fields…

Question #54: When people’s choices start to become a detriment to themselves and possibly the world around them – do we intervene?

There are countless examples of how our ‘developed’ world seems hell-bent on doing as it pleases, pushing boundaries for self gain – until it doesn’t suit them anymore and then want to point the finger of blame…although it was always their choice to start with.

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.