This is certainly a contentious issue – I mean, there’s that age-old, cliched question – what is beauty?

What I find interesting and incredibly frustrating is that in the current paradigm, we live in a society that rewards and reveres FAKE.

…and there’s NO way around it – in every single way, fake beauty is what we strive for.


Studies show that we are a clever gender – I’m always pushing this point, actually – but in this massive DOOSEY of an issue, that dictates our gender’s life, we are simply stupid.


We do as we’re told by feeding into what media and popular culture dictate is beautiful and we exercise the self-hatred of our looks and bodies, like good little girls – something that industries perpetuate and thrive off .

How lovely that there are a few people out there who are living a disgustingly, greedy life – by sucking on the jugular vein of women’s insecurities like vampires.

But at the risk of sounding repetitive ladies, the vampire can’t suck as easily as he does without us running up and presenting our neck for feeding!

Am I victim of this? YES!! Of course I am. I feel MUCH better about myself (and subsequently started looking better) than I did than when I was younger, but in essence, I have been conditioned to feel this way, as generations of women have – but now it’s getting ugly…no pun intended! I simply wasn’t exposed to what girls are being besieged with today. But I bet I felt what they do now.

As I’ve also said before, I use makeup, I most certainly use a bra and I shave my legs and armpits. I like to wear nice clothes (when I can get out of the house! Haha!) and appear attractive.

But this is where things get complicated…what is attractive? What is beautiful?

Most importantly – to both men and women – what is the MEDIA telling you is beautiful?

Answer? ONE look – with all its fickle, attached connotations that go with that look. That is all.

There is NOTHING real out there, girls! ALL the images of women in magazines (as we all know) are airbrushed / altered / tweeked etc. etc. etc.


Let’s take a look at the most ineffectual woman (and one of the richest) on the planet: Kim Kardashian – well she’s effectual for me to make this point, I suppose.

Although on one hand we’re told that ‘curves are great!’ etc. etc. Snore. Snore. – the images we’re presented with, are quite a different story.

Now, if we look at these images of Kim, we can see that she has been ‘shaved’ of her total ‘booty’/thigh area by quite a bit. All unsightly (cellulite) bumps quickly taken care of. TICK ! Yes, embrace your curves!!…just not that much…

Her ample bosom has also been ‘shaved’ on the side because we don’t want any of that ‘side-boob-hangin’-out-under-the-armpit’ crap – just bountiful, lifted, straight-out-the-front breasts. TICK!

Her skin has even been made lighter. TICK!

Now, this is the part that gets my goat:

Firstly – IF, by today’s definition, Kim encompasses everything that is beautiful – why does she need tweeking?

Secondly – Why is someone so fake even considered beautiful to start with?

The enigma to me is that we know she probably has some cellulite issues and we know that there are probably some rolls in there and…

what’s wrong with that?

It’s Kim the gimmick I have a problem with because if she were just any other girl with a normal amount of make-up on and regular clothes – we would probably ostracise her look. You know it’s true…and yet, to add insult to injury – the faker she is, the more we throw money at her.

So many women in the spotlight have succumbed to the pressure of having one look – plastic and fake – and why shouldn’t they? when a) they won’t get ‘hired’ – especially after they hit the “You don’t look so young anymore” ceiling AS WELL and b) the minions (us) keep shouting, “You are SO BEAUTIFUL” to them.

This is where I have to tell young girls (especially) to put their thinking caps on.

1. Media (in conjunction with big business – a marriage made in money) create female insecurity, by saying, “Look this way!” Period.

2. It’s then us women who fill in the blanks with…”or be ugly/die alone/ be a failure/be unlovable…” etc. etc.

Well it can end today ladies, with a simple shift of thought. Eleanor Roosevelt said:

 “Noone can make you feel inferior – without your consent.”

Without your consent.

Predominantly, you feel the way you do because it’s what’s been entrenched in your psyche – yes – but ultimately it’s your CHOICE.

We are in a Catch-22 situation that is VERY hard to get out of, in this day and age, because of the easiness of creating false images.

We then buy, buy and BUY into this mono-image that’s popular and in turn, feed the monster.

The men at the top say, “Hey! It’s what the ladies want.”

Question #66: Is it?

Yes, at this stage I think it is. We’re creating and driving it along.

We can either want and strive for the unattainable and EXPENSIVE-to-uphold, image or feel shit about ourselves. Well, we certainly don’t want to feel shit, so let’s see if we can buy ourselves out of feeling this way. And we certainly do try.


What you’ll pay on the Carbon Tax will pale in comparison to what you (may) already pay on attaining society’s perception of ‘beauty’.

Don’t hear much complaint to our government about how society is moulding our daughters to be hyper-sexualised, insecure consumers with an INSATIABLE appetite…

Deep Breath.