Michael Moore.

January 6, 2013

Michael Moore wrote the following article about his perspective on the United States and its history with violence.

The point titled ‘The ME Society’, is spot on. I think it’s the root of all that’s wrong in our insatiably, money-hungry and lustful paradigm.

Yes, it’s about the States and we may even feel a tinge of superiority – like we’re somehow ‘better’ – but don’t be so complacent and cocky. We’re going to get there really soon, if we don’t pull on the reigns.

Michael Moore: Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns.

Question #131: What do you think of Michael Moore’s insights?

The issue of ‘men with guns’ is a VERY serious one but shouldn’t we also be looking at the even more serious and destructive issue of ‘men who rape’?

As Michael wrote:

“…we rape and beat and kill our women without mercy and at a staggering rate: every three hours a women is murdered in the USA (half the time by an ex or a current); every three minutes a woman is raped in the USA; and every 15 seconds a woman is beaten in the USA.”

Deep Breath.


Michael Moore

Michael Moore