A scary photo.

January 23, 2012

I feel a tiny sense of betrayal…

I saw this image today and thought, “What has Olivia done to herself?”

An important question because she looks disfigured and plastic – and she was a naturally, stunning woman before she started to be unhappy with what she saw.

So now she looks like this.

Does anyone else see a bit of Jack Nicholson’s The Joker in that smile? This is not where I feel a sense of betrayal – I just feel sad for her.

“What? Sad? But, she looks FAB-u-lous!”, some women might say. “Why not? If it makes her happy.”

Well, I agree. If it isn’t hurting anyone ‘Live and let live’ ….but….maybe it is hurting someone.

So this is what BAFFLES me and where the sense of betrayal comes into the picture;

Question # 5: Why are we rewarding our fellow women for LOOKING unnatural?

Why are they flattered on TV by hosts? About how great and beautiful they are, when it’s OBVIOUS that they’ve had ‘something done’….and look weird.

I don’t get why they would want to fashion their looks around the same ‘doll-like’ look. Again, no sense of being unique.

Are we really saying, “Good.On.You.” to women who have the money to demonstrate, to us all, how they feel about their inadequacies in the public eye?

Well yes, it seems we are – because we look up to them, make them richer for it AND start our path modelling ourselves on them – along with their feelings of inadequacy. This is because, in essence, it’s an unattainable image, so we feel bad about ourselves. And now that women’s images are ALSO altered on a computer – what hope in hell do our young girls have, in attaining a healthy self-image? (Click on the link below for more on this)

I’ll repeat the title from the previous post: “You can’t be what you can’t see” – and what our women, of all ages, are seeing nearly everywhere, is FAKE.

I feel like there’s only one clear message – “Girls, you TOO can be a success – but only if you look like this.”

Surely we should be saying, “Wow”, to naturally attractive, sexy, older women and plastering their image all over the place. Helen Mirren, anyone?

If you watched the trailer in my previous post, you would have seen that “Women hold only 3% of clout positions in telecommunications, entertainment, publishing and advertising.”

That means that this look and many others we don’t like, are ultimately being decided upon by men.

FACT. Not male-bashing, just a fact.

So, what are we to do?

* Teach our young (and older) women that:

If she truly believes she’s beautiful, she will RADIATE that everywhere she goes – I mean, look at the alternative – those women in the public eye showing the exact opposite. And do they think they’re beautiful? Probably not. They would always find flaws; something to fix.

* We also need to teach our young (and older) MEN that:

There are more wonderful facets to a woman, than the way she looks – despite what the media is showing them.

I’ll leave you with a You Tube posting that needs to be shown to as many young women as possible! It’s great.

On a personal note:

It’s back to full-time work, for me, tomorrow. I’m back to the preparing and professional development stage of school – before the kids start next week. I’m so new to blogging, I don’t know if I’m doing it right. My goal is to write a few times a week – but I’m not sure how that’s going to go when I’m in the full swing of high school teaching, caring for my family, chores, sleep etc. etc……but one thing’s for sure – I wish I could just do this all the time. *smiling*

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