Defending the undefendable.

February 14, 2012

Just a short post.

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentines’ Day, but more importantly, I hope some of you remembered that today was V-Day; a day when we remember our less fortunate sisters from around the globe, experiencing violence and the loss of their human rights – and not just in war-torn countries in Africa, but in our very own ‘developed’ world too.

I find it amazing that there will always be a defence for violence against women. I ‘m sure we’re all on the same page, when I say that I’m raising my daughters to understand that there’s NEVER a reason to hit. Ever.

So the male excuse, “She asked for it”, makes me livid. “Thank you sir, may I have another.” I don’t think so.

Here is a post about Chris Brown (who hit Rhianna). Now I’m not a massive fan of hers – but that is irrelevant. Noone, NOONE deserves to be hit.

Question #15: Why do women, as well as men, defend male inflicted violence against women?

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