Feminist Shout Out! #1

February 17, 2012

I’m going to announce a Feminist Shout Out every time I put an observation that I think may not be your cup of tea…but I’m going to QUESTION it, anyway. I really hope you can let me know your thoughts – whatever they may be. Let’s talk. We can’t rely on our male-run governments to make all the decisions. Let’s make some here.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is sending around this photo from the hearing on birth control today. She writes: “At @GOPOversight hearing right now 5 men are testifying on women’s health: http://yfrog.com/10wg35j #WhereAreTheWomen?”

Yes, WHERE? ? ?

Tonight, I walked in to find a movie on the TV about the Bra Boys (a surfing gang). I’m not really watching, but I look up and see violence – boys fighting boys, men fighting men. And it’s not Hollywood fighting, where the injuries don’t reflect what’s been done to them, but ugly, bloody, VICIOUS fighting. It was shocking to watch actual footage of the fights – because they were real. A 14 yr old member tells how he had a gun put down his throat, over him selling Ecstasy and other horrific accounts. 14.


Men fighting men. Men being violent with each other, demonstrating what seems to be the ONLY way to globally solve problems thus far – except they’re NEVER solved and create SUCH devastation – and they’re violent towards women. Most of us are lucky enough to have loving male partners, but look at how women are being violently treated by the MILLIONS every single day.

As Dr Phil says, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

We vote men in. WHY? We need a different dynamic in our governments – we need A LOT more women in government, girls MUST be educated worldwide – they will tip the world back into balance. Instead of financing wars, let’s finance education.

But it’s still just about being in power and making an astronomical amount of money. Qantas will axe jobs to keep their SHAREHOLDERS happy. One man has a family to feed and has just lost his job – while the other makes a mint….but he’ll just make less of a mint. Yep, let’s side with the guy that already HAS a lot of money.

Our world is a boys’ club.

Is this OK with you?

We still don’t have equal pay, all the major corporations in the world are run by men, and our young girls AND boys are being corrupted to satisfy the male fantasy – to make money. More people are becoming morally corrupted and we’re allowing this lesson to be present in our children’s pop culture. They’re becoming consuming monsters and they’re consuming over-sexualised girls, violent, bullying boys – with girls who think that’s ok etc. etc…and this is just in the developed world.

The women in the developing countries are suffering atrocities we can barely imagine and they NEED OUR HELP. We need to educate their girls so they can STAND UP and start to create change.

We need to create change – from our end. We must get women into government. It starts here – in Australia. It’s inconceivable that we continue to follow The US. That place is a cesspool of greed, gluttony and porn. And men run that country. That’s not saying there aren’t good people there – I’m sure they’ll follow us once we take the lead! We start here because we are intelligent and we know that it’s time to make our calm but persistent voice heard.

Calm and Persistent Voice.

Stop buying from shops, like City Beach, for selling pornographic products aimed at children (for example). Let them know you’re not shopping there anymore through their Facebook page – most have them. Money talks. Sometimes they listen – because they’re losing money. Let’s put our money to good use, rather than feed the monster, and be happy.

Get women into government.

I have a proposal: Vote women in from the party of your choice. There’s always going to be debate – but our current parliament meetings are run like men – fighting and insulting each other. WHAT IS THE POINT? Let’s just do it!

What have we got to lose?

Question #17: WHAT SAY YOU?

Please pass this on. With much hope. x

6 Responses to “Feminist Shout Out! #1”

  1. I absolutely agree that there needs to be a stronger presence of women in government, and not just in Australia. As Nancy has identified men are making decisions on womens health issues as a result of a lack of female presence in positions of power, which is indeed concerning. While I do believe no gender is superior, I cannot deny the fact there does need to be a stronger female presence across the board.
    I do not think voting in someone purely because she is a woman is the answer, rather, we need to start building good, strong, female candidates for positions of power. Men and women, we need to teach the women and girls in our lives that they can do anything, that they can achieve, then we need to make sure they have the tools to do so.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I agree – not just any woman will do – Pauline Hanson being a perfect example *wink*, BUT I fear that we’ll never get there because it’s simply part of our conditioning that women are not good leaders. We, men AND women, seem to always find the ‘annoying’ female characteristics, that women are stereotypically lumped with, and are then shunted aside. A woman with strength is a ‘bitch’ – Penny Wong was ‘miaowed’ at – etc etc
      I also agree that it’s not about women taking over the world (it’d be nice to have a shot, though! Ha!) – I am a complete advocate for BALANCE. I think there are already many great women in politics, what has to change is our attitude towards them being in key, important positions worldwide.
      …and as WOMEN, not as masculine ball-breakers. Know what I mean?
      Thanks so much for your comment. *Big smile*

  2. lamehousewife said

    You are right…it should be women of character, not just any woman will do. Have you read John Paul II’s Letter to Women and Mulieris Dignitatem (sorry I don’t know if I spelled those right)? I think women need to be strong as being women, not getting the same domineering problems as men. As far as the birth control issue, if a man is willing to stand up for my religious freedom, I am happy about that. Nancy Pelosi does not speak for me and many of us women over here. Men and women can complement each other or be hateful to each other. The sad part about exploitation in the States is that women are behind the push for it, too, so it makes the battle to help women twice as hard. When a woman starts to learn about her inherent dignity as a woman, she stops running to those things that will allow her to be used by men. God bless….

    • questionsforwomen said

      I think I’m going to have to clarify what I meant – we absolutely do need women of integrity and ‘feminine’ strength, as you say – I just wonder if it’s ever going to happen, because they’re already out there, aren’t they? So why aren’t they in government? I don’t have a problem with men being involved in women’s issues AT ALL – I just wonder why our input, intelligence and opinion don’t seem to be valued as much, in important areas of government and industry.
      I love your last sentence about women learning about their dignity. Thanks again!

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