The Debutante Ball.

May 28, 2012

This is a quick post to tell you about my Saturday Night.

I was the Matron of Honour at my school’s Debutante Ball and it was a wonderful night! There were 18 girls and they were all from my year group (Yr 11), so it was really special.

I got my hair done for the first time in years and my sister gave me a divine dress to wear.

Now, I know that some may think that a Debutante Ball is archaic – considering that the young ladies are being ‘presented’ to society – but I tell you what, it was enchanting.

As each girl slowly walked down with her partner to greet the Guest of Honour, we were all treated with an account of how these girls want to make their mark in the world.

It filled me with delight to hear the girls’ dreams and goals – dressed in white, with long gloves and a sense of ballroom elegance.

That’s the word: elegant.

I was equally proud of the young men, the majority of whom are also from my year group, for the way they conducted themselves – as gentlemen.

The Guest of Honour, a successful solicitor (lawyer, if you’re American), spoke of her journey; from her school days, full of dreams and hopes, to today. How after life’s curve balls and three children later, she finally saw her dream come to fruition…after nine years of study. It was inspirational to hear a woman speak of the value of having dreams and the willingness to stick through hard times to realise them.

There was a small element to the night, however, that was a little disappointing. Although we were in a gorgeous abundance of gowns, black ties and formality – there were some girls in the audience, who were a tad under-dressed for the evening.

Question #48: What I’m wondering is, why are there girls who don’t know how to ‘dress for the occasion’?

But to all of those who dressed up to the nines – even if it was just for one special night – you all looked beautiful, elegant and RADIANT.

Now that’s what catches the eye of the right person.

Deep Breath


PS This is my hair from the back! Very spoilt.

11 Responses to “The Debutante Ball.”

  1. Verina said

    they will tell you they are all being individual!! …. together! LOL

    • questionsforwomen said

      Haha! *wink*

      • steff said

        The girls must have all looked wonderful. Becoming a women isn’t very easy. The “small element” however must have been a disappointment. Girls really need to understand the difference between a party and a formal occasion. Wearing a revealing dress to an occasion where there are parents and grandparents really upsets me. If my parents ever saw me in a revealing dress, they would send me back into the house to get changed and if i questioned their authority…
        consequences would take place..
        Do you believe parents to an extent are also to blame for the girls dressing like that?

      • questionsforwomen said

        It makes you wonder, Steff. I suppose girls turn to the trend / what’s popular to dress, nowadays. I don’t get how they don’t feel out of place.
        I was always told to ‘over-dress, not under-dress.’
        But, yes, the debutantes looked radiant. 🙂

  2. Kathy Jackson said

    Hi Paula, i’m sure you were radiant on the night. Your blog took me back to our debutante ball. Can you believe Monte doesn’t hold the event anymore. This was one of the things that drew mum to sending me to this school & i know we looked forward to it very much. It may be old fashioned but what a great way to show girls how to be true ladies. I really hope this tradition doesn’t die out, i know for me it was very empowering & felt very significant to transitioning from a young girl to being a woman, and we did it being very well covered but extremely beautiful. Yes we’re strong, yes we’re beautiful ladies & Yes we were Debutantes!!!

    • questionsforwomen said

      Kaaaathy!! Oh, I agree – the Debut was wonderful when we did it. I was beaming for my girls…and the boys. They looked so sweet as they concentrated on the dance steps. It’s a shame about Monte – remember ours was 100 girls!! Crazy!!
      Although we only had 18 girls the other night – it was the biggest group we’d had; and it used to be only done every two years and now it’s every year. I’m glad it’s getting more popular – it’s simply a beautiful tradition.
      Hope to see you soon! xx

  3. Oh I was just passing by and thought I should comment. I have wonderful memories of my Deb Ball and I recall we ‘girls’ were well briefed on what to wear. Young girls are so used to their formals I guess they confused the two perhaps. Your hair and outfit look great. I went to a funeral the other day and one of the young girls reading during the service had a very low cut top on. So inappropriate – I dont know it seems obvious to me but perhaps it is not…..

    • questionsforwomen said

      Thanks for passing by! I agree that they must be used to the ‘trend’ and sadly aren’t being taught how to dress for different occasions. I have great memories of my Deb Ball too – it was HUGE…back in 1986! Good times.
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. questionsforwomen said

    Not all, obviously. A shame really.

  5. Lisa said

    I would disagree. While I consider grace and elegance important qualities to be valued, the modern day woman should be empowered enough to choose what she wants to wear without being met with judgement for not adhering to gender stereotypes that state that she should be demure and conservative. Girls should feel confident enough to wear what they feel makes them happy not for a man but for themselves.

    • questionsforwomen said

      Oh, I agree with what you’re saying, but this was ONE event and one that most won’t experience again (at that level). It’s one old fashioned night that pales in comparison to all the other images these girls are combarded with – dictating how they should dress – over-sexualised and the same.
      I pray and hope that girls and women DO wear clothes that express who they really are – but we’re not there yet…by a long shot.
      Thanks heaps for your comment. 🙂

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