The Debutante Ball.

May 28, 2012

This is a quick post to tell you about my Saturday Night.

I was the Matron of Honour at my school’s Debutante Ball and it was a wonderful night! There were 18 girls and they were all from my year group (Yr 11), so it was really special.

I got my hair done for the first time in years and my sister gave me a divine dress to wear.

Now, I know that some may think that a Debutante Ball is archaic – considering that the young ladies are being ‘presented’ to society – but I tell you what, it was enchanting.

As each girl slowly walked down with her partner to greet the Guest of Honour, we were all treated with an account of how these girls want to make their mark in the world.

It filled me with delight to hear the girls’ dreams and goals – dressed in white, with long gloves and a sense of ballroom elegance.

That’s the word: elegant.

I was equally proud of the young men, the majority of whom are also from my year group, for the way they conducted themselves – as gentlemen.

The Guest of Honour, a successful solicitor (lawyer, if you’re American), spoke of her journey; from her school days, full of dreams and hopes, to today. How after life’s curve balls and three children later, she finally saw her dream come to fruition…after nine years of study. It was inspirational to hear a woman speak of the value of having dreams and the willingness to stick through hard times to realise them.

There was a small element to the night, however, that was a little disappointing. Although we were in a gorgeous abundance of gowns, black ties and formality – there were some girls in the audience, who were a tad under-dressed for the evening.

Question #48: What I’m wondering is, why are there girls who don’t know how to ‘dress for the occasion’?

But to all of those who dressed up to the nines – even if it was just for one special night – you all looked beautiful, elegant and RADIANT.

Now that’s what catches the eye of the right person.

Deep Breath


PS This is my hair from the back! Very spoilt.