Just sayin’ – #7

June 28, 2012

On the weekend, I found myself watching music channels on Cable TV (I don’t have it). I tell you what, I was loving watching all those older 80s and 90s video clips…especially the 80s. There were some corkers!

I made an observation…as I always do! (and you love me for it…hahaha!)

I saw a video for U2 (who are great!) and it made me wonder why there were more aging male bands, than female ones.

I’ve always thought that the wonderful thing about singing is that your voice doesn’t age and that seems to have certainly worked for male bands till their old age.

One that comes to mind?

The Rolling Stones.

And good on ’em, I say. They are talented and have stood the test of time. But in terms of physical appeal?


So bands stay at the top according to talent. That seems logical, right?

Question #63: So where are the aging female bands?

Maybe it’s predominantly women who like women bands and seeing as we’re the most heartless against ‘looking old’ – drop them.

Maybe the male bands are also on the way out due to looking ‘too old’ for our current youth – maybe it’s simply Gen X and The Baby Boomers keeping them alive.


…Just sayin’

Deep Breath


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