Six Months.

July 10, 2012

It seems incredible, but it was six months today – in the very early hours of the morning – that I started writing this blog.

This is my 80th post, yesterday I passed 8,000 hits and asked my 70th question.

Woooo Hoooo!!

When I started, I thought that I’d run out of things to discuss. I had a few things that I definitely wanted to say, enough people in my life had heard it! – Haha! – but I was actually nervous about running out of steam.

But I’ve been proven wrong. It seems there is a plethora of material and actions to question – as we try to navigate through the machine that’s become a monster of consumption and lead our children through it.

There are two main objectives that I want to explore – in my true quest of balance: a) question how society (the village) is raising its children – by mainly asking women what they (we) can do to change our circumstances and b) hold a mirror to the huge amounts of outstanding and wonderful women out there, who are so clear and strong as to who they are and inspirational role models.

On a daily basis, I hear about unique women and all I want to do is write about them!…but then something pops up in the media that I need to discuss and put these lasses on the back-burner. But I promise to focus more on the ‘good’ – for a more balanced perspective, of course! *wink*

The time factor is an issue. Although the school holidays are currently affording me a pause from the crazed, daily routine and giving me the opportunity to write – the end is nigh and it’s back to full-time work on Monday. I’ll write when I can, even though my desire to do so outstrips the pockets of time available. Shorter pieces, maybe…although I can’t seem to stop once I get on a roll!

Thanks to all of you for joining me on this journey. At times I feel a little disheartened about things – will we actually be able to put on the brakes a bit? Not stop, just slow – but there are also other wonderful moments when the comments and insights you give me, fill me with hope – plus the fact that there are many, many other voices starting to be heard. That’s the way!

The picture below is me – now – in the glow of the laptop…literally on my lap!

I look forward to more conversations, comments and perspectives, from both women AND men; young and old. Ideally I would love more teens and young adults throwing in their thoughts…that would be awesome!

Basically, everyone’s welcome – without judgement; only questions and chats.

Tell your friends!

Deep Breath.


8 Responses to “Six Months.”

  1. Fantastic! Three cheers for questioning our culture, sparking new ways of thinking about life, family and society, promoting positive change, and providing a platform for dialogues on important issues. Deep breath xx

  2. wow, how cool is this! Just discovered today. Is this platform? Congratulations Paula

    • questionsforwomen said

      Hey Elizabeth! Did you find my blog today? Yay, if you did.
      I don’t know what the platform is – you’ve left a comment on my blog.
      Thank youu!! Hope to hear from you again.

  3. I’m really enjoying reading your posts!!

  4. ads said

    Well done P!

    Keep up the great work


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