October 12, 2012

On the first International Day of the Girl (yesterday 11th Oct) – we’re reading about a 14 yr old girl who has been shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking up; wanting education for girls. She was labelled an infidel.
Educating girls is the answer. Studies have shown that the more war-mongering nations, are the ones that restrict girls attending school.
This post from Crates and Ribbons is great.
Deep Breath.

Crates and Ribbons

The 11th of October is International Day of the Girl. Today, we raise our voices in support of girls worldwide, and pledge to double our efforts to invest in their future. Not only will today go down in history as being the first ever Day of the Girl, it is also made especially poignant by the case of Malala Yousafzai, who lies unconscious in hospital, having been shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking out about the importance of girls’ education.

Reading about the tragedy two days ago, I kept thinking of a picture I had seen a while ago, and I decided to look for it again:


And that’s what the Taliban’s actions have revealed in the end – fear. Because Malala is not just any 14-year-old girl. By publicly condemning the actions of the Taliban and advocating for the education of girls, she represents an…

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  1. I wish the youg girls who are protesting keep safe

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