Feminist Shout Out #5. Please watch this, guys.

December 5, 2012

I haven’t got time – I’m about to go to our School’s presentation evening.

BUT…I have to share this with you.

This video is made by a young man who has used his voice  – and it’s wonderful.

Spot on.

Question #116: What can we, men and women, do to change things around?

Boys/guys/men: stop pushing your adult sexual urges and fantasies onto our kids (surely it can be interpreted that doing nothing is giving consent to it). Have some decency.

Toddlers in tiaras/sluts/crazy nut-jobs:


Look at how you’re being represented.

Question for women #117: Why are we even in the ads/shows/movies/music videos etc. etc. etc. to start with? Perpetuating it? 

Women (as a gender) are helping – in a BIG way – to sell ourselves short. We are CONFIRMING everything that’s portrayed about us.

So that’s why we think it’s reality – but it’s not.

I’m not like that!

I find it gobsmacking that I’ve already had a sex talk with my 9 year old daughter – a while ago, actually – because that ‘slut’ representation is everywhere. Some queried whether she was too young for that chat and I thought, “Too young? My talk as a mother to her daughter, answering her questions, is more scrutinised than what we’re allowing them to see, like wallpaper?”

Our lives should have the tag-line: Parental Guidance Recommended.

Come on…what can we do to have a happier, mental world? To help our girls AND boys.

I have to go.

Deep Breath


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