Happy International Women’s Day! + Question #150.

March 8, 2013

*TRIGGER WARNING – image may upset*

I awoke this morning with mixed emotions.

It was International Women’s Day and I wanted to quickly shout a ‘Woooo Hooooo’ to my sisterhood before getting ready for work, but there was also a feeling of some aimlessness.

Returning to full-time work on the Monday just gone (after caring for my injured husband) and due to the extra workload I was about to encounter – I decided to give social media a bit of a break, so that I could have some time without feeling incensed.

Because that’s what I was feeling.

How could I not?

When Facebook Pages like Being an Asshole, promoting hatred against women, are considered appropriate for viewing, even though it’s been reported for its promotion of violence.


How can men who defend it not see that by making a joke of this very real violence to countless women, it gives them permission to downplay how atrocious it is??

When a billboard promoting a strip club is placed in front of a boys’ school in Brisbane, is deemed honkey-dorey by the Advertising STANDARDS  Board, when also reported for ‘grooming’ boys – teaching them to be sexually obsessed.

When the devastating statistics about the global pandemic of violence against women, inspires a t-shirt company to create many, many t-shirts bearing slogans such as: Keep Calm and Rape Her or Keep Calm and Knife Her. Amazon was then the place to get them.
(A computer program was blamed for generating the phrases – yet the word ‘him’ doesn’t appear anywhere…hmmm…)

It’s all getting a bit nasty.

Question #150: Could it be a back-lash to our ever-louder voice?

Well, the mixed feelings I awoke with today are due to me believing that – YES – we are becoming louder and stronger and I feel enormously proud to be a part of this new movement…

But is it working? Can we see any change?
We seem to be inundated with violence and exploitation – perpetuated by the Internet, I know – but it still IS what it IS.

An indifference to us – whether active or passive.

I believe we can make a profound change – both women and men…there’s just one problem:

Most are afraid to speak up.

And I understand that fear.
The other day, I confronted my Newsagent  – a more elderly man – about the fact he had Zoo Magazine on a stand facing the street, near the front of the shop. I explained that not only is it bad enough that any kid can buy it, it was unavoidable to see the objectified woman on the cover, from the street.
So even if you choose not to go into the shop, that culture is still in your face. Still being advertised.

I had butterflies throughout the whole exchange. So nerve-racking.
As I left him, he was contemplating the location of the magazine and when I drove by later, he had taken the stand down.

A small one, but one none the less…and it felt good.

So, it’s time.
It’s time to join the ranks for a better world for women. We deserve it.
Our nature is a nurturing one and it leaves me profoundly baffled as to why our other half want to continue to keep things the way they are.

I saw an argument by a man saying that he simply couldn’t understand why women wanted equality to men, when we’re not the same.

We know we’re not the same – it would not have made sense for nature to make us the same – but we are equally needed to balance things out.

Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang

That’s what men and women are – predominantly one gender with a bit of the other. Of course I’m being very general – nature provides a rainbow of variations to this – but you get my drift.

So, Happy International Women’s Day!

I am for balance and I am for all women and hope the good men can join our voice.

An amazingly awesome documentary was made in the States called:
MAKERS: Women who make America – narrated by Meryl Streep.

Watch it by clicking on the link above – see how women have fought since WWII and continue to do so – see our modern-day leaders – be inspired – and join today’s movement.

Deep Breath x

4 Responses to “Happy International Women’s Day! + Question #150.”

  1. Harls said

    A FB friend of mine today wrote on her status: “On the radio this morning…..stories on gender bias in boardrooms, the fight against homophobic violence and the support of the ADF in mardi gras….and all on International Womens Day! We’ve come a long way baby!”

    To which one of her friends replied something also optimistic but the subtext of the reply was along the lines of “surely you’re being sarcastic, there’s such a long way to go”.

    To which my friend replied “What I meant was that these things were headline news today, worthy of reportage rather than swept under the table.”

    So yes a long way to go, but it’s a long process and we have indeed come a long way in the last few decades. Better to live here rather than a fundamentalist mysogynistic society (of which there are still plenty). Maybe when “we” (in western society) have reached equality, they will be where we are now?

    It seems unfortunate that just at the moment when equality seemed within reach, a porn/raunch society blossumed (thanks mainly to the technology such as VHS, then DVD, then the internet). Just some random thoughts. Peace x

    • questionsforwomen said

      Exactly right.
      Our voice is getting stronger – although the arguments are exactly the same as decades ago – but it feels optimistic.
      I saw an interview with Gloria Steinem and when asked where she thinks we are, she said, “Halfway.”
      The only difference I see between now and the past, is the reach the internet has now. This patriarchal culture now has the means to feed on ALL our natural urges – whether they be insecurities or violent tendencies – create uglier versions of these feelings and in turn, addictive wants. All to make money. What’s worse, the growing greed for money has meant we’ve actually allowed them access (through our complacency) to our kids – the least able to make full, cognitive decisions.

      That’s where we are now and it’s time to all rise.
      Thanks Harley. x

  2. Harls said

    The other side of the “evil” internet is the ability for right thinking people to join up and make a difference. Witness the Spring Revolution in the middle east, campaigns against evil (“Keep Calm and Choke Her”), and a million blogs just like yours.

    Prevailing “tools” can used for good or evil. Religion was a tool for both, for thousands of years. Up until 20 years ago a major tool was “ignorance”. (Parents felt their kids were safe from perverts, even though the evidence is there are no more perverts today than yesteryear.) Today, the tools are technology based such as internet, phone cameras, and so on. All of these tools can be used for good and evil. It’s kind of like the ratio of good vs. evil is a constant in the human condition, despite the various lights we shine on it from time to time. Just more random thoughts. X

    • questionsforwomen said

      Again, I completely agree. I tell the kids all the time about the fact that the internet is also a wonderful, wonderful tool – it gives me a voice, I could never have imagined.
      It IS all about balance and that is the key to everything. Equilibrium. Equality.
      Hopefully one day 🙂

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