Another day at the movies. #2

July 5, 2013

Yes, I had to go again. A friend of mine can’t drive, so I picked her and her daughter up and, together with my girls, we went to see Despicable Me 2. I have to say that I got quite a few giggles from that one.

I told my friend about the pole-dancing ad and we went in to ensure we saw all the advertising from the beginning. I had written to the cinema a few days earlier and wanted to see if some miracle was going to occur and see the ad had been pulled. So again, the curtain was drawn and the screen was blank when we went in.

This time the ad was first up.

As the curtains were opening, there’s all this ‘welcome to the cinema’ fanfare – ensuring everyone is watching. My 6 yr old mentioned her excitement that it was all starting. My 10 yr old said that they were just the ads. Ms 6 replied, “I know, but at least it’s on.” (My kids are obsessed with anything on a screen – regardless of time and place – Aaargh!)…and then BAM! – a woman in stiletto heels, hanging off a pole, is donning the screen. Again.

So it’s not bad enough that they design the fanfare to catch everyone’s attention – they decide to put that particular ad up FIRST? Livid.

A couple (with their two children between them) in the row in front of me looked at each other. I watched with interest, wondering if they were going to communicate to each other the disgust I felt. But the man simply raised his eyebrows at her, smiling – like saying, ‘That looks like a go-er’. She smiled back. Their children, however, were just soaking in those images.

The good news is that the Advertising Standards’ Board has contacted me via letter yesterday and they are taking my complaint to the next meeting. Woooo Hoooo!!

In terms of what we’re seeing at the movies – in my last post I discussed how children are always seeing boy characters fulfil their destinies and dreams.

It’s no different for adults. We only really get immersed in the man’s world.

I took some photos of what’s on offer for us. The first two images came from April when I took similar shots of the predominantly advertised movies.

You get the idea, though…IMG_4967


From yesterday:





Question #173: Isn’t anyone else feeling gender fatigue? 

I have been to the movies three times in the last few months. Once in April and twice this week.
In April my husband and I celebrated our anniversary by seeing Jurassic Park in 3D with the girls because my 10 yr old daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs.
The ads for the upcoming movies at the time were, Star Trek 2 (I think there’s only one main-ish female role – the rest are ALL men), Ironman 3 and Superman 72. 

So regardless of age, the movies being made seem to only provide the wonderful world of man as its backdrop, with a peppering of woman here and there.

Am I saying – don’t make these movies?
Anyone who has really followed me knows that that is never what I’m about.

But a more balanced representation of this life – which harbours 51% of women?

YES! Yes to more about us, please.

We are fairly awesome, after all.

Deep Breath



7 Responses to “Another day at the movies. #2”

  1. Oooh, how was the movie??? I really wanna see it. 🙂 But back to your question, YES! I am completely exhausted of seeing male characters getting their day, ALL THE TIME! As much as I love some of them, (hint: Ironman!), it is tiresome.

    Haven’t read your first movie post, so I don’t know about the pole dancing ad, but even with the little info here, what the? This is a kids’ movie! And they choose t use that ad? Inappropriate doesn’t begin to cover it.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I have to say that a did laugh out loud throughout Despicable Me. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂
      Yes, that ad is a massive WHAT THE? moment.

  2. tiffany267 said

    The flip side of this phenomenon is that when movies FINALLY showcase women, their characters are almost invariably one-sided or worse yet complete parodies (read: Legally Blonde).

    • questionsforwomen said

      There are a few out there, but yes, my general feeling is one of starvation for more about us.
      PS I did enjoy Bridesmaids. Basically an all-female cast which actually had conversations that DIDN’T involve men. That’s one…

  3. islandkylie said

    Unfortunately movies are all about making money. The adult movies you showed posters for are made to appeal to both sexes – men love the action, women get some eye candy. The movies that I have found recently that have strong female characters are all aimed at an older audience – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Quartet, Songs for Marion, Calendar Girls. Apparently you’re only allowed to be a strong, opinionated woman if you’ve gone through menopause. To add to the difficulty, movies such as these are only going to appeal to half the population – not good for the money making side of things.

    • questionsforwomen said

      It’s sad, isn’t it Kylie, that we’ve all been conditioned to see movies about men to be for everyone and movies about women to be a dud…to all.
      That’s the crust of it.
      And yes, older woman = wiser (like the movies you described; keep the oldies happy too) and young woman = sexy and second class.
      We need more women in film making – telling our stories. Unfortunately, it is a boys’ club (like everything else) and I believe the percentage of women in film directing etc. is the low teens.
      *double sigh*
      Thanks for your comment, Kylie. 🙂 x

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