The answers to the quiz.

September 17, 2013

Here are the answers to the quiz Who said it? Rapist or Lads’ Mag?

1.  ”Use a nylon cord, tie them down and…use them.” RAPIST

2. “Persuading her to fellate you can be a bit of a challenge.” LADS MAG

3. “In the bedroom there’s only one boss…she’ll like you taking charge like a real man.” LADS MAG

4. ”It’s good to [anally penetrate] women because when you have s-xual intercourse with them in the v-gina, they may not feel it.” RAPIST

5. ”You have to keep reminding them that c*ck is king.” LADS MAG

6. “Married women are frequently an easier prospect than unmarried ones.” LADS MAG

7. ”If they conduct themselves as a lady, they don’t have to worry.” RAPIST

8. “You want to pick the loosest, skankiest one of the lot, fetch her a drink and separate her from the flock.” LADS MAG

9.  ”Girls purposely put up a bit of a fight before s-x to not seem easy, even if they want s-x …they enjoy the back and forth of having the guy ‘try’.” RAPIST

10.  ”If she is drinking, that’s already a point in your favour.” LADS MAG

11.  “I eased my way into the ranga and banged her senseless. After a few minutes me and my mate swapped and his girl was a real good f— too. I… finished up all over her [breasts].” LADS MAG

12. ”Cut your ex’s face, then nobody will want her.” LADS MAG

13. ”You think [she is] so dewy-eyed she’s never sucked d*ck before? She knows how it works.” LADS MAG

14.  “Is she fragile? Then how about you let her know she’s being f—ed?…Women just really want to get f—ed.” LADS MAG

15. “All women that get turned on enough will try anything.” LADS MAG

Yes. Only four out of the fifteen were said by convicted rapists.

Question #183: Do you still want these magazines available for our sons of any age?

Do you want men to think of our daughters in this way? And then act?

We have to get rid of them.

Please help.

Challenge newsagents, petrol station owners – ANYONE who perpetuates the spread of this evil.

And yes, I do believe it’s evil because when a man’s advice is that a woman needs to be reminded that ‘c*ck is king’ then it could be any one of us that gets that reminder.

That’s misogyny – hatred.

It’s sick and it’s in a magazine with no age restrictions.

Deep Breath.



9 Responses to “The answers to the quiz.”

  1. Jenny said

    I felt ill reading these.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I know. They’re sickening…and available for any boy of any age. The majority of those who do buy these mags, start at around Year 7 – 12/13 years old.
      We have to stop this. The sort of information these boys can have access to is dangerous.
      Speaking up is the only way.
      Thanks Jenny

  2. profreedan said

    “Do you still want these magazines available for our sons of any age?”

    So you advocate banning lads mags everywhere not just in supermarkets and newsagents?

    Many of the comments you post from lads mags are offensive but they are not advocating rape.

    • questionsforwomen said

      But they most definitely advocate a hatred towards women and rape *culture* and ‘advice’ like this is toxic and readily available to boys.
      * “Cut your ex’s face, then nobody will want her.”
      * “I eased my way into the ranga and banged her senseless. After a few minutes me and my mate swapped and his girl was a real good f— too. I… finished up all over her [breasts].”
      Hatred. Rape Culture.
      * “Is she fragile? Then how about you let her know she’s being f—ed?…Women just really want to get f—ed.”
      Rape Culture.
      You can’t tell me these comments promote a healthy relationship with women and if you agree with that, then why nit-pick on tiny details?
      In Australia these mags are placed at pram level and, as is the case in my local newsagency, placed opposite the stationary wall.

      I’m not about these magazines being banned all together (although I seriously don’t see the merit in their current format) – my quest on this blog is to push for a balanced existence and seeing as these mags have tipped into a darker realm of how women AND MEN are represented (I still don’t understand why men like yourself aren’t furious about how mags like these portray the male gender – depraved, driven by their penises and obsessed with sticking it into women as they see fit), they should be positioned behind the counter.

      I hope that clarifies what I mean.
      I hope, wholeheartedly, that you understand this stance and join to fight for a world that’s a better *role model* for our kids.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. janedoe said

    Source? Without sources this is useless. If true, it’s awful, and we should know which mags said it. If it’s not, then… Here are the answers to my quiz Who said it? Cannibal or Cosmo?

    “I prefer to chop off and eat a human’s toes first, before I devour the rest of their body.” COSMO
    “For easy skincare tips, visit” SERIAL KILLER

    You see my point?

    • questionsforwomen said

      The example you gave was a little unnecessary; the question was suffice.
      Collective Shout is the wonderful organisation that’s branding our campaign to get rid of these mags. They created the quiz from magazines they purchased here in Australia.
      This is real – but a list of the magazines (ZOO being the worst here) that contained those statements, will be posted soon.
      Hopefully it’s enough to convince people that campaigns such as these are not run for money or glory; it’s a legitimate and alarming concern that affects many. That quiz is not something I would make up for kicks. I gain nothing from it – nor would anyone else – except a safer space for our youth.
      I leave you with this image from the strong campaigning that has been going on in the UK:

      These magazines are toxic and I hope you seeing the magazine names – gives us one more person onside.

      • janedoe said

        Sorry – that was a bit condescending and I should apologise. I didn’t want to accuse you of making it up, just that things are so often misquoted and unattributed on the internet I’ve learned to keep a sceptical mind.

        Glad to hear the list will be published, I look forward to reading it. 🙂

      • questionsforwomen said

        Thank you 🙂

    • Hi janedoe, I work with Collective Shout and was involved in compiling the quotes from lads mags and rapists.

      The rapists quotes came from interviews with rapists, from the book The Rapist Files: Interviews With Convicted Rapists by Sussman & Bordwell, and another called Inside the mind of a serial rapist by Dennis J Stevens.

      The Lads Mag content was taken from FHM, Maxim, Zoo and Ralph.


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