Just sayin’ – #6

June 12, 2012

A female friend of mine, who works in a corporate-style office, told me about an interesting analogy that was made.

The group listened to a male colleague ask,

“How is the Economy like a strapless bra?

Half wonder how its being held up, while the other half wait for the collapse, so that they can take full advantage with both hands!”


…thigh, slappin’ stuff.


Later, my friend and other female colleagues talked about the inappropriate nature of the ‘joke’ and after some discussion, one of the women said, in a resigned manner, that she had ‘gender fatigue’.

Gender Fatigue.

What a succinct phrase – when you’re just too exhausted to fight every gender-biased comment made because you’re sitting and soaking in a vat of it.

Question #56: Have you been feeling any Gender Fatigue lately, ladies?

As my friend says (and I agree), men will always be men, but can’t they just keep it to themselves?

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


PS – I don’t have Gender Fatigue…yet! *wink*