Just sayin’ – #4

May 30, 2012

Picture this – you have a yearning to do something – something that gives you a real fire in your belly. You’ve been told that being a woman means that there are no boundaries and that you can do anything! GO FOR IT!

Well, some of the women who are involved in the LFL feel that fire and want to feel that sporting challenge.

This week I have heard arguments in favour of the LFL – of genuinely interested women who want to play but have no other avenue to do so…unless they wear ‘the uniform.’

Question #49: What does this say about our unequal world, if the only way these women can play this sport is by looking sexually provocative? 

As I’ve heard said, “Why else would anyone go watch women’s sport?” Sad.

I asked why these women don’t just start up a league and play on their own terms… and the answer is – it doesn’t make money.

When the LFL was about to launch in the US, the Chicago Tribune quoted: “For those who have long mulled what would happen if you wedded Victoria’s Secret with professional football, the Lingerie Football League debuts…” it also says, “…the league, billing itself as true fantasy football…”

It is, what it is.

Whatever positive messages this sport has, it’s lost in its packaging – or lack there-of.


If my wonderful grandmother were still alive, I wonder what she would think of women being portrayed and SOLD in this manner?

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


It’s less than a week before the LFL plays in Brisbane and Sydney and I’m going to continue using my voice to oppose it. Go to Change.org and vote!

4 Responses to “Just sayin’ – #4”

  1. I’ve been hearing this a lot too, but the facts are we in Australia do have many opportunites to play professional football with proper clothing, and I watched a short video the other day of an American sports reporter on the LFL saying that there are other football/gridiron options for women in America to play with proper clothing and protection (I’ll try and re-find the link).
    And there are alot of people in this would who do what they love and are passionate about it -whether it be sport, art, music, writing, etc, that don’t get paid the big bucks, but do it for the love of it. If These women truly are in it for the sport and not to further their fame and modelling opportunites, they would do it with morals and values intact, and for the love of it.
    and, not being a big TV watcher, because I usually switch off annoyed, I have watched the last few nights, and every night there has been television coverage of women playing professional netball.
    No, female athletes don’t get paid like male athletes, but turning sport into soft porn for a select few, who look a select way, will not help the plight of female athletes who really do play for the love of it and not for how much they can earn from it. Of course everyones goal would be to make money doing what they love, Like me, I’d hope my first novel (when finished) will do well so I can work on the other two swirling in my head, but i certainly won’t be sexualising and exploiting myself and adding to the objectification of women in order to find public recognition of my writing.

    Keep writing on this, we don’t have to accept this or the defenders of the LFL’s tired excuses

    • questionsforwomen said

      That’s my thought exactly. If you love it, you shouldn’t have to do anything to jeoparise your values or demean yourself to do it. There are women (apparently) who are doctors, lawyers etc. who play in the LFL. So if it’s a passion that drives them to play (which I COMPLETELY understand and support), AND they have a job already, then why are they resorting to wearing lingerie? I don’t get it.

  2. ads said

    I think – as a bloke – I’m not interested in mens tennis but id rather watch womens tennis (not just for the grunting either) It is also a better style of match to watch.

    I wouldn’t watch women’s rugby but i would watch the lingerie ball if it was on telly – I wouldn’t go to it or go out of my way mind you

    What I’m saying is that if women market themselves as aesthetically pleasing they actually have an ADVANTAGE over men in sports –

    Why is this so bad when women like Lauren eagle use their good looks (unfortunately not speaking ability though) to get sponsorship and money – I dont see the same opportunities coming to a young guy with the same skill-set.

    Athletes play to their strengths and good luck to them – what would these girls in the Lingerie ball be doing otherwise? checkout,home mums.glamour work or worse? Maybe some have other jobs – that would be great – but this is where i reckon they make their money – and good luck to them.

    I know women like watching mens contact sports because of the guys looking “fit”

    Thats what i think – Ads

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