Just sayin’ – #6

June 12, 2012

A female friend of mine, who works in a corporate-style office, told me about an interesting analogy that was made.

The group listened to a male colleague ask,

“How is the Economy like a strapless bra?

Half wonder how its being held up, while the other half wait for the collapse, so that they can take full advantage with both hands!”


…thigh, slappin’ stuff.


Later, my friend and other female colleagues talked about the inappropriate nature of the ‘joke’ and after some discussion, one of the women said, in a resigned manner, that she had ‘gender fatigue’.

Gender Fatigue.

What a succinct phrase – when you’re just too exhausted to fight every gender-biased comment made because you’re sitting and soaking in a vat of it.

Question #56: Have you been feeling any Gender Fatigue lately, ladies?

As my friend says (and I agree), men will always be men, but can’t they just keep it to themselves?

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath.


PS – I don’t have Gender Fatigue…yet! *wink*

7 Responses to “Just sayin’ – #6”

  1. ads said

    This can go the other way as well – i am not saying that it is as common.

    I used to work in an office with at least 60 women to 3 men on one floor. The guys there were “whipped” and wouldn’t say a peep out of what was acceptable – of course I rocked in and was instantly and “instigator” so I know how the person feels. I found it crazy the guys would do errands of these girls – it was like the “cool girls” at school – gee I hated that job – twice a day there was cake for someone’s birthday it seemed then the rest of the day I had to listen to “I feel fat” my goodness I didn’t like that much – so I guess I understand how it would be in the opposite – male dominated workplace.

    I think when a majority of girls or guys are together that sex’s behaviour is amplified – you have to like it or lump it – or use it to your own advantage.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I agree that the sex’s behaviour is amplified in certain work environments – but one thing women aren’t, is sexist by nature – generally, as you observed, the girls focused on themselves.

  2. lamehousewife said

    It probably depends on where you work, too, but I do remember that weirdness from when I was in high school. I guess some guys just haven’t matured yet, eh? “Gender fatigue…” what a great name!

  3. ads said

    Its also a bit one eyed – men and women can be sexist it is up to the individual to realize that they are doing it. It happens both ways and everyone is capable – it is sexist to say that women do this or men do that – it is generalizing – and that’s what men are being accused of here.

    You wont get many blokes here if you just invite them in for a beating.

    It is up to all of us to see what is bad in ourselves not just in others

    • questionsforwomen said

      Of course – in every sense – there are people who are different to their stereotype. Of course. I’m not innocent of NEVER having said anything sexist about guys…
      I’m saying that it tends to be more in the nature of men (especially in particular work places more than others) to partake in sexist attitudes. If I can find the article, I’ll send it to you – they’ve been studying this recently in corporate offices.
      But ABSOLUTELY, women do it too.

  4. ads said

    You are right it is more prevalent with guys than girls – there are still more guys in the workplace than girls – so it’s still a male dominated area – especially management


    ALL of my senior management are women – they can say anything to me or any other guys who i work with but the moment we say something that upsets them we are in BIG trouble

    The key and the point i am making is that now there is getting a more equal balance its up to everyone to act like adults and treat everyone else as equals – i hope it happens in our lifetime

    – We will never go to war once women can make artificial sperm I hope! (jokes) 🙂


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