9 men; 1 woman

September 18, 2012

Australia’s highest paid CEOs have been revealed today – together with photos.

Click here.

Question #96: What can you see in these photos?

I see white.

I see male.

I see older gentlemen – Nine of the same.

I see ONE woman.

Brains aren’t the issue…so WHY?

Top dog; Marius Kloppers. BHP CEO – earned $17.3 million.

For goodness sake – what would anyone want this much money for?

At the end of the day, it’s a pissing competition, isn’t it?

I have MORE. I made you MORE. I made MORE than YOU! I WANT MOOORRRRE!!

*Shaking head*

We’re in a slight bind because of this mentality – that’s filtering all the way down to how our children learn to think about money and stature…

…but I digress.

I have a second question:

Question #97: Would women be as greedy?

I truly wonder this – because I feel like (on the whole) it’s not in our nature. The reason I think this is because if it were – we’d be up there too. And we’re not.

What do you think?

Deep Breath.


2 Responses to “9 men; 1 woman”

  1. Leopard said

    “Would women be as greedy?”
    I would say that in today’s society, definitely not. And not because of any natural, biological inclination on the part of either men or women, but because for a man, economic greed, scrabbling for capitalist ideas of success, is the only way to be. Women are socialised to be carers, to empathise, to sacrifice their time and energy for children and partners. Men, on the other hand, are socialised to compete, to be richer than, smarter than, more powerful than others, at the expense of family ties or emotional growth. No wonder they dominate the ‘richest people’ list.

    I think society needs a reeavaluation of its priorities, and to stop teaching its sons that the only path to success is riches and power over someone else.

    • questionsforwomen said

      Agreed…and it’s so deeply entrenched. I think it actually is synonymous with their nature, now.
      I wonder if it’s possible for women to achieve their potential, without having to display masculine characteristics?

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