9 men; 1 woman

September 18, 2012

Australia’s highest paid CEOs have been revealed today – together with photos.

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Question #96: What can you see in these photos?

I see white.

I see male.

I see older gentlemen – Nine of the same.

I see ONE woman.

Brains aren’t the issue…so WHY?

Top dog; Marius Kloppers. BHP CEO – earned $17.3 million.

For goodness sake – what would anyone want this much money for?

At the end of the day, it’s a pissing competition, isn’t it?

I have MORE. I made you MORE. I made MORE than YOU! I WANT MOOORRRRE!!

*Shaking head*

We’re in a slight bind because of this mentality – that’s filtering all the way down to how our children learn to think about money and stature…

…but I digress.

I have a second question:

Question #97: Would women be as greedy?

I truly wonder this – because I feel like (on the whole) it’s not in our nature. The reason I think this is because if it were – we’d be up there too. And we’re not.

What do you think?

Deep Breath.