Phrases put in my search engine.

November 3, 2012

And this was just yesterday…in one, 24 hr period:

What’s with all the 12 year old sluts

12 yr old sluts

12 year old sluts

12 yr old slut

12 year olds memes

I kid you not.

No…the saturation of porn – and the fact that the palate of the customer is yearning for younger and younger delights – is having NO effect whatsoever, on our world.

It’s not producing any weird, itchy, ill-feeling – like we’re crossing a terrifying line into uncharted and dangerous waters.

On the contrary! Boys and men are engaging in healthy, respectful and consenting sexual relationships; whilst girls and women are being left alone – by not being trafficked, raped, degraded and violently abused – on one hand, and are not participating in their own exploitation, on the other.

This is good. The search engine phrases above are a sign of a healthy paradigm.

How fabulous that we live in a world which permits such appetites for young girls to be made available – at whatever cost.

However, there’s one infinitesimal positive point in all this (there always is) – and that is the warm, fuzzy feeling I feel inside, when I relish the look I imagine those guys have on their faces, when their search for 12 year old sluts leads them…

…to my blog.

One teeny, tiny blip in their way.

That makes me feel good.

Imagine if I stopped one guy from continuing his search…

Question #107: Do you think I did?

If you think that this is an impossibility, then you – and in turn we – are living a hopeless existence, admitting everything is beyond our control…and we are in some deep shit.

Deep Breath.


PS There’s a Facebook page that has the word ‘slut’ in its title (I won’t honour it with its full name), that was started 4 days ago on the 29th October. It only posted for 2 days – the 29th and the 30th – at it already has 307 ‘likes‘.

Yes…everything’s juuust fine.

2 Responses to “Phrases put in my search engine.”

  1. I hope you did. You must surely have provoked a little sense of shame in someone.

    I actually noticed an increase in traffic to my blog over the past few days. It put a smile on my face until today when I noticed it has largely come from the phrases “Amanda Todd Naked” and “Amanda Todd boobs”.

    So here’s to provoking shame.

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