Yesterday (Saturday), on the cover of The Sydney Morning Herald was an article about the top 5 things Australian men and women worry about:


1. My future career 2. My achievements 3. The future 4. What people thought of me 5. Doing well at work or school.


1. My future career 2. The future 3. My weight 4. My achievements 5. What people thought of me.

Although both sexes worry about their career first – it’s curious to see the women’s third concern.

It reads: “Worries about weight ranked highly for women only. That was not surprising,  given the cultural obsession with the appearance of women,  Professor Hudson  said. ”But it is really alarming that 60 per cent of women said they worried  about appearance at levels that interfered with their quality of life.”


Are you one of the 60%?

The fact is that men do not have this worry and we really have to ask ourselves WHY?

Question #42: How are we, as women, contributing to this problem?

That weight worry is ‘interfering with their quality of life’ – is a gloomy statistic.

Is there any hope for change in how we see ourselves?

In regards to worrying, there is a quote I always use with my students:

Worrying, is praying for what you don’t want.

Deep Breath.


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