A response – # 3

June 4, 2012

I invite you all to read the SIX comments an American gentleman left as a response to my last post.

I actually don’t know what he’s on about because he only keeps repeating in bold letters: they CANNOT COMPETE WITH THE NFL.

Over and over again…plus a lot of insults.

I think the springboard for his rant, was my question wondering why the women can’t wear protective gear. I meant mainly skin protection, as they’re being brutally tackled onto the ground, with literally nothing on. Fair question, isn’t it?

He also talks about his country’s superiority and how retarded we are in Australia…although I’m sure he just means me.

That’s OK…

…because at least I have a grasp of grammar and know how to clearly make my point – something this gentleman is lacking.

Superior indeed.

Deeeep Breath.


PS The following are some more promotional shots for the LFL.

Question #53: Don’t you think these images cross the line? (especially the second one)

There is no male equivalent. If you do have examples – I’d love to see them.

I’m pretty sure you mostly agree with me…so I ask you:

What’s the lesson – what is it teaching?

2 Responses to “A response – # 3”

  1. He is merely what’s called a troll, a little troll. And seriously anyone who uses such aggressive repeated insults to such articiculate reasoning and questioning of a real issue, not only towards you but our country (remembering America’s other wonderful imports, like hooters restaurants for example) exposes themselves for who they really are.
    I read all your posts, and I know you are a very intelligent woman who loves her husband and her children dearly and cares about this society in which we live and where we could possibly be heading if we don’t question such things and sometimes take a stand. because if we don’t, who will?
    You’re an amazing lady, don’t take this personal (hard I know) just remember one little word – troll

    • questionsforwomen said

      Oh, I didn’t take it personally – I found it quite amusing. He (or possibly she, as a male friend pointed out – but doubt it’s a woman) has made himself look inarticulate and emotional…for what? Nude chicks on a field?
      A favourite saying I say to my students is:
      When emotion goes up; intelligence goes down.
      Thank you for your kind words! x
      Onwards!!!! 🙂

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