Without women…Just sayin’ – #8

August 11, 2012

A short post…although I’ve had trouble posting it. Sorry if it keeps reappearing – this should be it.

Now to the issue at hand…

I can’t believe a woman agreed to pose for this shot.

This shot.

Being violently grabbed – violence being represented in three ways – by a fully dressed man.


She’s nobody. Nothing. Invisible.


So demeaning.

…and yet it’s glamorised with her smoking!

A casual way to spend the evening, perhaps?

What exactly does she get out of this?


At what price?

More importantly, what did she teach him?

So it comes down to this:

Question #81: How are we supposed to rise above our situation, when women like this continue to participate in promoting our exploitation?

Worse still, they’re becoming more and more mainstream. Just look at your TV. Or your Facebook Timeline. The following is an ad that appeared on a female friend’s Timeline:

Without women…(you complete the sentence).

…Just sayin’

Deep Breath


11 Responses to “Without women…Just sayin’ – #8”

  1. That is a very upsetting image.

    • questionsforwomen said

      …one friend said that it’s fashion (and I can see how it an be seen like that; the lighting if the shot is great) – but why does fashion have to carry THAT message?

      • Exactly. It’s certainly an artistic shot, but implying that that’s fashion and that that’s just how it is is not acceptable. WHY is it like that? It needs to be challenged.

      • questionsforwomen said

        It’s like that, in my mind, for three reasons.
        1. All involved want to make money. So it’s done at whatever the cost.
        2. Society is becoming desensitised – our kids especially – and start to wave it off as alright.
        3. Not enough people taking a stand.
        That last one is the main issue at this point. People power has to kick in – NOT to create a ‘Nanny State’ but to stop so much sexual, degrading etc. concepts to be used to promote consumerism and entertainment.
        Thanks for your comment. Time to fight the GOOD fight! 🙂

      • Absolutely. No one wants a “nanny state” but these portrayals of women need to be challenged.

        Keep up that good fight! 🙂

  2. linneann said

    Yeah, it’s pretty graphic. Unfortunately, women have been doing this, well, all throughout history really. Women who pose for Playboy think it is a great honor. But I see an opposite trend too that I think is also unfortunate, especially in television sit-coms whereby the men are made to look like nincompoops while the women have all the answers. Men and women both need to stop “hating” each other. People view it as harmless entertainment but I don’t.

    • questionsforwomen said

      I’ve been saying the same thing recently, actually, and have started writing a post about it – that men are being shown as idiots in more and more modern media representations. The bummer about it, is that it’s also ANOTHER bad representation of women being the controlling ‘bitch’.
      Yes, women have done this forever and always will because it’s a part of the balance of what nature provides. BUT it’s now becoming mainstream and the reach media has in pushing these skewed representations, is unprecedented. I think it’s bordering on (if not already) an emergency for both women and men.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. Michelle said

    Just saw a facebook page today called “Naked Selfies” where people are encouraged to post pics they take of themselves in various naked poses. Suprisingly there are a lot of young girls and boys who seem to be gladly posting their pics up. Some fairly graphic images have been posted. Sad.

    • questionsforwomen said

      SO wrong on so many levels. Besides the fact that noone seems to bat an eyelid that so many of our young ones are participating in all this – the Internet platform from which it’s spreading, esp. Facebook, is terrifying.
      Why are they SO insecure?

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