Dr Caroline Heldman (who appeared in Missrepresentation) spoke at the TEDx Youth Conference, for twelve or so minutes – without pause. Amazing.

It’s a bloody brilliant presentation that encapsulates everything that is wrong with our current paradigm – delivered with clear-cut explanations, facts, research and solutions.

She looks at what sexual objectification is and whether it’s empowering.

An absolutely fantastic and succinct discourse.

Question #140: So, ladies – are we going to put an end to this self-destructive behaviour, once and for all?

Deep Breath.



January 20, 2013

The sentiments of this blogger about opinion – is spot on. This was the comment I left for her:
FABULOUS! You are a girl after my own heart. It’s true! The world has just gone crazy with “it’s my God given right to…” It’s like speaking to an ocean of brainwashed, sensationalists. (except for the fabulous who follow us – very, very intelligent!)
I completely agree with your assessment of the gun laws in the US. FFS – anything with the word ‘automatic’ in it is bound to do a gazillion times more damage than someone with a knife. FFS! (I’m big on hyperbole, as you can see ;))
Your final paragraph is gold.
My blog is, in its core, about the attainment of balance. It all seem so out of wack in every way at the moment.
I think I may need to reblog this.
PS Don’t throw out those ranty pants – they’re a rare find. More women should be trying on a pair.


Words My Way

fact_or_opinionWith several devastating events happening the world over, and on my front door, in the last month my mind is stuck on one key point. You have every right in the world to an opinion, but it doesn’t make you right.

I will try not to put on my ranty pants for too long, they are very loud obnoxious pants that tend to offend people at times, BUT…

Before Christmas news spread of the horrific shooting in Newtown, USA. I cried, I hugged my baby boy and thought of the babies who were lost to their parents. I read social media. Much of it loving, compassionate, caring and well-advised. Much of it made my blood boil. I’m not quotting here, but if you are on social media, and if you are reading this you most likely are, you probably saw similar. If the teachers had guns the death of so…

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Collective Shout posted on Facebook the following picture from the Spotlight catalogue:

AAAND it’s 30% off!

This is what I wrote on my Facebook page when I shared this photo:

OK. Simple. Don’t shop at Spotlight.

And let them know this – verbally is best if you don’t want to be identified. Or write an email – but tell them. Tell them that you’re not happy that they are a store targeted at all ages and yet still make the CHOICE to promote Playboy.

What’s next, Playboy baby bottles?

Seems like we’re condoning businesses getting in as early as they can with our children. Into their minds and realities.
Please do this. The good that might come out of it is that they change their ways.
Question #115: Isn’t that worth a shot? What have we got to lose? 
It seems to be a bottomless pit of what is being permitted to permeate our lives nowadays.
There’s no filter anymore. Our parents were our filter. Now it’s like fighting a losing battle – I have no choice in what my child sees because it’s everywhere. It’s in Spotlight.
Take a stand and be a part of a wave of change. Spotlight has a Facebook Page. Write to them there. Easy. Lemon squeezy.

Even if you’re overseas – drop them a line.

And boys – please keep your Playboys to yourselves.


While you’re at it, Collective Shout have posted a great list to take with you while you shop this Christmas. Find an equivalent shop – which there must be – that DOESN’T sell porn related items and give THEM your hard earned cash. It’s the Cross’em off your Xmas list.

Deep Breath.

Go get ’em.

Go on.


And this was just yesterday…in one, 24 hr period:

What’s with all the 12 year old sluts

12 yr old sluts

12 year old sluts

12 yr old slut

12 year olds memes

I kid you not.

No…the saturation of porn – and the fact that the palate of the customer is yearning for younger and younger delights – is having NO effect whatsoever, on our world.

It’s not producing any weird, itchy, ill-feeling – like we’re crossing a terrifying line into uncharted and dangerous waters.

On the contrary! Boys and men are engaging in healthy, respectful and consenting sexual relationships; whilst girls and women are being left alone – by not being trafficked, raped, degraded and violently abused – on one hand, and are not participating in their own exploitation, on the other.

This is good. The search engine phrases above are a sign of a healthy paradigm.

How fabulous that we live in a world which permits such appetites for young girls to be made available – at whatever cost.

However, there’s one infinitesimal positive point in all this (there always is) – and that is the warm, fuzzy feeling I feel inside, when I relish the look I imagine those guys have on their faces, when their search for 12 year old sluts leads them…

…to my blog.

One teeny, tiny blip in their way.

That makes me feel good.

Imagine if I stopped one guy from continuing his search…

Question #107: Do you think I did?

If you think that this is an impossibility, then you – and in turn we – are living a hopeless existence, admitting everything is beyond our control…and we are in some deep shit.

Deep Breath.


PS There’s a Facebook page that has the word ‘slut’ in its title (I won’t honour it with its full name), that was started 4 days ago on the 29th October. It only posted for 2 days – the 29th and the 30th – at it already has 307 ‘likes‘.

Yes…everything’s juuust fine.

October 14, 2012

My thoughts:

This is a fabulous article.

How quickly we forget moments like when Penny Wong was ‘meowed’ at by Liberal Senator, David Bushby in a Senate committee meeting.
I love how this piece ends because it writes exactly how I feel, how saturating it feels:

“Don’t believe me? Check out the timeline of @EverydaySexism on Twitter, google War on Women to see what’s going on in the US, head over to Change.org in the UK and see how many people have signed a petition calling for an end to The Sun newspaper’s ‘tasteful’ tradition of putting a topless teenager on page 3.

And when you’ve done all that, say a little prayer for 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai, 14, shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education.

I could go on, but I’m too sick of it all.”

It’s all getting a tad out of control and it should simply stop being defended.

Deep Breath

Sally Baxter

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech in which she denounced the opposition leader’s sexism and misogyny made headlines around the world. But it followed an extraordinary period when the spotlight never shifted far from the treatment of women in our society.

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A response – # 3

June 4, 2012

I invite you all to read the SIX comments an American gentleman left as a response to my last post.

I actually don’t know what he’s on about because he only keeps repeating in bold letters: they CANNOT COMPETE WITH THE NFL.

Over and over again…plus a lot of insults.

I think the springboard for his rant, was my question wondering why the women can’t wear protective gear. I meant mainly skin protection, as they’re being brutally tackled onto the ground, with literally nothing on. Fair question, isn’t it?

He also talks about his country’s superiority and how retarded we are in Australia…although I’m sure he just means me.

That’s OK…

…because at least I have a grasp of grammar and know how to clearly make my point – something this gentleman is lacking.

Superior indeed.

Deeeep Breath.


PS The following are some more promotional shots for the LFL.

Question #53: Don’t you think these images cross the line? (especially the second one)

There is no male equivalent. If you do have examples – I’d love to see them.

I’m pretty sure you mostly agree with me…so I ask you:

What’s the lesson – what is it teaching?

As I was cooking last week, I caught the tail end of the show, The Project. I have to say that one of their last stories drove home some simple truths about women in the work force. I found myself shouting, “YES!” in the kitchen…on my own, haha!

Because what they discussed so simply; so succinctly; is an issue that – I believe – hits the core of how we can possibly make change.

The story discussed the microscopic representation of women in clout positions ‘at the top’ and the glass ceiling women hit – something I’ve been discussing for a while. In a nut shell – we barely a voice in the running of this world.

Statistics they presented:

  • In Australia, the percentage of women at the top (Female Chairs and CEOs of ASX 200 companies)… 2.75% less than three percent!
  • Australia is equal 1st, in the world, with women’s education AND we’re better educated than men – 87/100 women enrolled in tertiary education compared to 67/100 men. Irony number one.
  • Advertising man, Todd Sampson, who was on the panel, said that women represent 5% of top advertising positions, although women constitute 80% of buying power. Massively HUGE bit of irony there.

Natasha Stott Despoja even says, “What’s it going to take?”

I’ve always discussed these issues in the past, with a gargantuan sense of frustration. We’re equally as smart, we have the buying power…and yet…

They said that in Norway (if my hearing over the extractor fan was good), they put a quota on getting women in the boardroom (currently at 11% in Australia) – up to 40% – by law.

Many countries have listened and are already following suit.

It’s huge.

Here in Australia there’s discussion about putting in a temporary quota system, aiming at 40%, to inject women into more clout positions.

I think this is a fantastic idea.

Of course, there is an objection – as one woman said, she didn’t want to get a job because of a quota she wanted to get it on her own merits. There’s one colossal flaw with this…if we have the brains (and then some), why aren’t we there already? As Dr Phil likes to say, “How’s that working for ya?”

Seeing as the current system isn’t remotely representing women adequately:

Question #50: Do you think a quota is the way to go? If not, how?

The following picture is from an article from The Guardian (UK), where the following was written:

Britain’s economic recovery is being held back by a lack of women in the boardroom, David Cameron has warned.

The prime minister said there was clear evidence that ending Britain’s male-dominated business culture would improve performance.


Deep Breath



May 6, 2012

Thank you for the supportive comments that I’ve received so far about my sometimes ‘hostile’ environment at home. I take some comfort in knowing that it’s normal for siblings to go at each other, over everything – especially when they’re in the mood for it…but there’s one important thing I forgot to add to the last post – which I think I alluded to, but didn’t quite spell out.

And that is that I hate the person I become when they finally tip me over – and that it’s the ‘mother’ they see more often. I worry that with the frequency in which I find myself refereeing, setting boundaries and/or disciplining, will create (is creating) a negative experience for all three of us.

Them – because they’ll see me as continually being unhappy with them and in a bad mood;

Me – finding myself not wanting to be around them. I hate having that feeling…but I shamefully feel it.

My youngest now mirrors the way I act when I lose control – she shouts and screams so loudly, you’d think she was being attacked. But as head-strong as she is, she learned it from me.

I know it has to start with me…but after days of me doing things in the ‘right way’ with them – I get angry when I don’t (think I) see an effort being made by them.

That’s when I feel like a fraud – because my intellectual mind knows what needs to be done, I do it…and then it doesn’t work. My head then spins into…

WHHAAAAATT????…What did you just say to me??…You did WHAT??…

…but then, they’re only kids – so young. I know.

Question #41: Would mothers really sign up for this, if we actually knew what it would be like?

I know the answer to this is ‘YES’…because we would always think that it would be different with our kids.

I talk to my mother often about this and after a few responses of, “I know” from her – I asked her why she had never told me what it was really like to raise kids. Well, the simple truth is, I wouldn’t have listened because my girls are my one and only lifelong dream – come true. Having kids was all I EVER wanted.

Time to take a deep breath…again.


Due to the complaints of MANY, including Melinda Tankard Reist, Telstra has now changed their policy towards their pornographic apps and are removing them.

This following post is from Melinda’s site:

Telstra agrees with us: ‘Women at work’ page and ‘Dirty Housewives’ porn incompatible.

People power has effect.

Deep Breath


Just a reminder *wink*

April 25, 2012

Hey fans! Haha!

Just a reminder that I’ve entered a blog writers’ competition and would love to get your vote in the People’s Choice Award section of the competition.

If you haven’t already voted – please click on the following link and look for ‘Questions for Women’ and vote – regardless of the country you’re from.


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